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How Do You Make Time For Discipleship? With Jim Putman: Episode 5

FIRST-Podcast: The Challenge of the Tithe

FIRST Podcast: The Competition for our Worship

What’s It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Ep. 3

Revolutionary Disciple Podcast – The Home Sphere

What’s It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Ep. 2

What Is A Disciple? Podcast with Jim Putman

Controversial Sermon Series Q&A Episode 2

What’s It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Ep. 1

Controversial Sermon Series Q&A Podcast Episode 1

How To Engage With Other Cultures Without Putting Your Foot In Your Mouth

What Is Emotional Intelligence And Why Do I Need It?

Is This Church too Big? RFL Episode 1

How To Speak Middle School: RFL Episode 2

Why Doesn’t Real Life Have A Sunday Youth Service? RFL Episode 3

What Does An Egg Hunt Have To Do With Easter? RFL Episode 4

Why does Real Life Ministries have Multiple Campuses? RFL Episode 5

How To Have A Marriage That’s Built To Last: RFL Episode 6

How To Identify And Win Back The Prodigals In Your Life

You Are A Disciple: Episode 1

Where Does Discipleship Happen? Episode 3

Helping Your Disciple Take The Next Step: Episode 4

How To Disciple In Your Community: Episode 6

What Does Spiritual Maturity Look Like? Episode 7

How Does Discipleship Work In A Digital World? Episode 8

Creating A Culture Of Accountability As A Disciple Episode 9

How To Share The Gospel Without Being A Jerk: Episode 10

Small Group vs Bible Class – What’s The Difference And Do I Need Both? Episode 11

What Happens After We Die? Episode 12

Does A Christian Have To Submit To Government Authority? Episode 13

How Can You Keep Your Child Safe Online? Episode 14

Is a Big Church a Bad Thing? Episode 15

Do You Know How To Engage and Connect with the Next Generation? Episode 16

How to Improve Your Listening Skills: Episode 17

How to Utilize Books for Self-Development and Discipleship: Episode 18

Ever Wonder Why We Pass The Offering Bucket At Church? Episode 19

Can You Defend Your Faith? Episode 20

The Bonhoeffer Show – Bill Hull interviews Jim Putman

Managing Your Emotions: Episode 21

How Should Christians Respond In Times Of Crisis? Episode 22

The Lord’s Prayer Part One : Keith Strasburger

The Lord’s Prayer Part Two: Keith Strasburger

Fasting: Why Should We Do It? Episode 24

The Lord’s Prayer Part Three: Keith Strasburger

Waking up from the American Dream: How Should a Disciple View their Country? Episode 23

The Lord’s Prayer Part Four: Keith Strasburger

The Lord’s Prayer Part Five: Keith Strasburger

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