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Sin Undone: The Overtime Podcast

Sin Undone: The Overtime Podcast

Welcome to the Overtime Podcast – where each week the Sermon Team from Real Life Ministries unpacks and goes deeper into the weekly sermon. This week Jim Putman is joined by Wayne Burnham and Titus Leger as they discuss the topic of how Jesus was able to undo sin in our lives by His sacrifice – and what that means to us on a daily basis.


Understanding how sin impacts our lives as Christians, and how it impacts God, is crucial for our spiritual growth and relationship with Him. By looking at what the Bible says and some different viewpoints, we can gain insight into how sin affects us and how we can overcome it with God’s help.


Here are some of the things they discuss:

  • Sin: Curse
    • Being legally guilty when we sin.
    • Finding freedom from our sinful habits, though we still struggle with them.
    • We’re not controlled by sin anymore, but it’s still a challenge.
  • Sin: Justification
    • Getting forgiveness for our sins is just the beginning of a journey.
    • Even though we’re forgiven, we still mess up sometimes, so we shouldn’t get too comfortable.
    • God’s forgiveness isn’t an excuse to keep sinning; it helps us do what’s right.
  • Sin: Being in the Light
  • Walking in darkness while claiming fellowship with God constitutes deception.
  • Restoration and guidance are vital for believers straying from the path.
  • Calvinist vs. Arminian Perspectives
    • God’s desire for salvation juxtaposed with human free will.
    • The role of the Holy Spirit in drawing individuals versus personal choice in accepting salvation.
  • Sin’s Impact and Believer’s Response
    • Sin’s role in Jesus’ crucifixion and its effects on others.
    • Differentiating between stumbling in sin and persisting in it.
    • Personal testimony illustrating the consequences of rejecting faith.
  • Challenges in Modern Christianity
    • Diluting the gospel’s message to soften its impact.
    • Significance of acknowledging Jesus as both Lord and Savior for sanctification.
  • Spiritual Warfare and Renewal
    • The ongoing battle against the enemy despite Christ’s victory.
    • Renewing the mind and combating Satan’s accusations with God’s truth.
  • Daily Gospel Application
    • Preaching the gospel to oneself as a daily practice.
    • Heart transformation amidst the ongoing struggle with sin.
  • Discipleship and Community
    • The necessity of discipleship within the church for believers combating addiction.
    • Leveraging the power of community for spiritual growth and support.

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