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The Traps: Impress upon your Children – The Overtime Podcast

The Traps: Impress upon your Children – The Overtime Podcast

🎙️ This Week on the Overtime Podcast: Navigating the Parenting Journey

Join the discussion on parenting led by Jim Putman, accompanied by the perspectives of Craig Miles, Blake Whiteman, and Chris Short. In this episode, they delve into the intricacies of raising children, exploring key topics such as:

• Prioritizing God in Our Lives: Uncover the traps that can emerge when we fill our lives and schedules with things that take precedence over our relationship with God. What adjustments can we make to align with His guidance in training our children?

• Preparing Kids for the World: Explore the tangible steps in preparing our children for the challenges of the world they are entering. How can we equip them with the skills and values they need to live as disciples of Jesus in an unbelieving world?

• Influences on Our Children: Reflect on the current influencers in our children’s lives. Are they shaping our kids in a direction that aligns with our ultimate goals? How can we actively guide and curate these influences?

• Sharing Family Stories: Embrace the power of storytelling in nurturing faith. Are we sharing our family stories, particularly those moments where God’s guidance and deliverance played a pivotal role? Discover the significance of passing down faith-building narratives.

• Community of Believers: Look at the importance of being part of a supportive community of believers while navigating the challenges of raising children. How does a strong community contribute to the holistic development of both parents and kids?

Tune in to this compelling episode where the Overtime Podcast team explores the art and challenges of parenting, offering valuable insights and practical wisdom for listeners on this shared journey. 🌟

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