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Real Life Resources


Leadership Resources

Group Leader Guide

Everything you need to lead a Real Life Group – right at your fingertips!


Community Assistance

Information and details about Real Life Ministries available community assistance programs. 

Pastoral Care

If you are walking through a difficult place or season, our pastoral care ministry is here to help. We offer pastoral Biblical encouragement and/or recommendations to outside professional, Christian, licensed counselors.

The Power of Head, Heart, and Hands: A Leader’s Guide to Utilizing them in Discipleship

When it comes to Discipleship – we try to empower our leaders with tools that they can utilize as they are both living out and teaching others along their journey. One of these tools is our powerful Head, Heart, and Hands analogy. Here is where that comes from:

Mental Health and Community Resource Guide

Download our Counseling & Community Resource Guide.

Marriage Advocate Training

From simple miscommunications to apologies, forgiveness and trust – this training will cover the basic Biblical relationship skills that can get a marriage back on track and moving in the right direction. It will help you build confidence and feel equipped to advocate for the marriages of the couples you are mentoring!

Post Falls Facilities: Hours of Operation

From  the Thrift Store to the Play Structure to the Cafe’ – get all the details below!

Part One

The Three R’s Of A Classroom Leader