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Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Season 2 Ep. 8 Worship as Discipleship: Part 1

Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Season 2 Ep. 8 Worship as Discipleship: Part 1

In this episode of the podcast, our host Chris Short – Real Life Ministries Executive Pastor, speaks with our guests about the role worship plays in discipleship. Today’s guests are:

Jeremy Ellis – Worship Arts Development Pastor at the Post Falls Campus

Aaron Short – Worship Leader at the Post Falls Campus


Some of the points covered in this conversation are:

  • What is worship? Why does it matter?
  • How to grow in spiritual maturity through worship
  • Discover how worship goes beyond music and impacts every aspect of your life
  • Learn practical ways to cultivate a lifestyle of worship in small groups and as leaders
  • Understand the value and priority of worship in your relationship with God – Explore how redefining worship can transform your attitude and perspective
  • See the impact of worship on your relationships, including marriages, and the importance of prioritizing it
  • Become a true disciple by submitting and obeying in both actions and heart

Discipleship represents the lifelong process of becoming a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. One aspect of discipleship that is often overlooked is worship. Worship, both individually and in community, plays a crucial role in discipleship, shaping our hearts and minds to be more like Christ. In this episode, we explore the connection between worship and discipleship, highlighting the ways in which worship can transform our lives and deepen our relationships with God and others in every sphere of life.

Worship is not only about music or a Sunday service. It is about giving value, attention, and adoration to something. Worship impacts our lives by stirring up affection towards God and taking it from our heads to our hearts. As leaders, we have a responsibility to model the importance of worship to those around us. Just as we wouldn’t skip a date night with our spouse because we didn’t feel like we were getting anything out of it, we should approach worship with the same commitment and obedience. Ultimately, worship is about our hearts and our relationship with God, and it should be a priority in our lives as disciples.


Some of the resources mentioned in this episode are:

Family Worship by Donald S. Whitney


Right Now Media: The Worship Dilemma


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