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The Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Ep. 5 – Asking Great Questions

The Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Ep. 5 – Asking Great Questions

This month Chris Short (Executive Team Leader) sits down with Heather Dalton (Women’s Discipleship Leader, Post Falls Campus) and Evan Meske (Groups Pastor, Post Falls Campus) to talk about asking great questions – a very helpful topic for someone leading a small group discussion! Heather and Evan are part of the Post Falls Campus team that puts together the group discussion questions that go along with the weekly sermon notes. They talk about the importance of questions in the realm of building relationships and going deeper with each other and with God.
“When people process out loud, they are either forming, reinforcing, or challenging their own belief systems.” Evan Meske
Some of the things discussed in this episode are:
  • In the New Testament Jesus asked over 300 questions that he already knew the answers to – Why?
  • What is the goal of asking questions?
  • What are the benefits of helping people process out-loud?
  • How does answering questions in a group context encourage relationship?
  • What makes asking questions an important part of discipleship?
  • Is it alright for a leader to pick and choose questions rather than going through all of them?
  • Why should we begin with surface level questions?
  • How important are follow-up questions?
  • What can a leader do about rabbit trails that happen in the group discussion?


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You can find more resources at realliferesources.org 

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