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(In these podcasts Jim goes deeper into each week
of The Disciple’s Journey Workbook )

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Jim’s introduction to his workbook, The Disciple’s Journey. He defines some of the terms used in the workbook and what the journey looks like.

The Disciple Maker’s Covenant

In this episode Jim shares a covenant he created that helps set expectations and goals for the disciple and discipler 

Week One Part 1

This week’s episode comes from Week One of the Workbook, and Jim is taking some time to define the terms we will be using throughout this study.

Week one part 2

In this episode Jim addresses the question – what is a disciple? And who is qualified to be one?

Week three

Jim talks about the Discipleship Wheel and the Spiritual Stages of Growth this week. He charts out the path Jesus demonstrated for us with his own disciples.

week four

In this week’s episode, Jim begins to discuss the Five Spheres, beginning with the Abide Sphere. It includes the purpose of abiding, what it means to have our identity in Christ and fellowship with others. 

week five

In Week 5 of the podcast, Jim continues making his way through the Abide Sphere. He talks about the importance of recognizing God’s voice, how we should pray, and how God might answer. 

Week Six

In Week 6 – Jim begins diving into the Church Sphere. He discusses why this sphere comes 2nd, and that a disciple, Jesus is our head and we are the body.

Week Seven

In Week 7 Jim goes into the second part of the Church Sphere, he talks about the language the Bible uses to refer to the Church/People of God and that where there are people, there will be conflict. 

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