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REAL LIFE GROUPS LEADERSHIP PODCAST SEASON 2 EP. 10: Three Tips for Branching a Small Group

REAL LIFE GROUPS LEADERSHIP PODCAST SEASON 2 EP. 10: Three Tips for Branching a Small Group

In this final episode of season 2, our Host Chris Short has a candid conversation with Evan Meske and Fred Bosse’ as they discuss some effective strategies for branching a small group. They emphasize that you can either branch well, or branch quickly, you can’t do both.

Some of the topics they cover in this episode are:
• What does it mean to branch a group?
• Why is it important?
• What is a good reason to branch a group?
• What is a bad reason?
• How do you navigate the tension between relationship and the mission?

3 Tips to leading a branch effectively:

• Communication
Talk about it often, vision cast it well, talk about the why

• Consideration
Make sure every person feels wanted, welcomed, and valued

Consider the perspective and emotions of everyone in the group

• Celebration
People aspire to what is celebrated
It encourages people and makes them feel supported

These 3 things will help you avoid:

• Isolation
Feelings of being left out, unimportant

• Speculation
People will make assumptions that are usually not correct or healthy

• Frustration
Focusing on the negative aspects of the situation

Here are some more great tools that our leadership has made available for you to use!

• Right Now Media: (The Netflix of Bible Studies)
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• Real Life Resources: This digital library contains over 500 tools and resources to help both you personally and those in your group. Podcasts, videos, books, studies and much more at this link. https://realliferesources.org/

If you have any questions or suggestions for future topics, feel free to email us at [email protected].