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Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Ep. 7: Stages and Seasons of a Groups

Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Ep. 7: Stages and Seasons of a Groups

The two newest members to the Post Falls Adult Ministries Team, Andy Ubert and Riley Shields, talk with Chris Short today about some of the different stages and season that come up in a small group. A leader should have a good awareness of how these things can affect the dynamics and plans of a group. Here are some of the things they cover in this episode:

– Clear Expectations – Knowing where your people are at

– Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing

– Correct pronunciation of Minnesota

– Using the SCMD process

There are many unique stages of a small group. A New Group of people who are just getting to know each other is in a much different stage than a group who has existing relationship and trusts each other. There are also seasons that happen in any given year we have to be aware of. In our area that looks like 4 unique seasons – some related to weather and some related to holidays. Still others are related to the community calendar. But if we act like they don’t exist they can hurt our groups momentum. Group leaders need to have both awareness and intentionality as they help their groups walk through some of the different stages and seasons that come up throughout the year.

If you are a Small Group Leader at one of our Real Life Campuses and you have questions, be sure to check in with your Campus Groups Team – they are always ready to help!

You can also go to our group leaders webpage to access some of the resources there: Real Life Groups Leadership Resources

And you can find more general resources here: Small Group Resources 

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