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The Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast: Episode 1-Over-talkers and Under-talkers

The Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast: Episode 1-Over-talkers and Under-talkers

Episode 1: Over-Talkers and Under-Talkers

In this episode host Chris Short is joined by Cory Speers, and Evan Meske, who have a combined 30 years of small group leadership experience and have helped, coached and given direction to group leaders on this topic dozens of times.

In this episode they are addressing two common challenges that often arise for small group leaders – What do you do when you have a group member who tends to dominate the discussion time, or conversely, one who never contributes to the discussion?

At Real Life Ministries, we believe Small Groups are very important not only to the spiritual growth and health of our church members, they are important to the very mission of our church and the great commission of Jesus – making Biblical disciples. Our small groups are meant to be an environment where relationships can grow, and in order to do that we need to get to know each other. Everyone’s story is important

Some of the things covered in this episode:

  • How do I manage the tension in the group as an Intentional Leader?
  • Why is structure within the group important?
  • Setting the culture in the group – safe environment.
  • Confrontation: Inside and outside the group.
  • The people aren’t the problem – they are the goal

Some of the tips shared deal with:

  • Small Group Guidelines
  • Invite someone else into the conversation
  • Seating arrangement
  • Eye Contact from the Leader – how you engage the room.

They close out the episode sharing some next steps for growth and resources for you as a group leader.

Here are a couple of quotes from the episode:

“Remember the people aren’t the problem we are trying to solve – they are actually the goal. The problem we are trying to solve is Intentional Leadership.”  Evan Meske

“The challenge Group Leaders face is this: How do I take a group of people and give them opportunity to share, with me and with one another, so that we can know where people are at and meet them there and help them grow?” Evan Meske

Thank you so much for joining us for the podcast – we hope you feel encouraged, energized and better equipped to lead your group. We want you to know that we are grateful for the investment you make each week as you reach the world for Jesus and Make Biblical disciples in relational environments.

Is there something specific you would like to see on this podcast?  Have a question or comment? We would love to hear from you!

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