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What Does The Bible Say About Reaching The Lost? Podcast with Jim Putman

What Does The Bible Say About Reaching The Lost? Podcast with Jim Putman

On this episode of the podcast, Lance Wigton and Jim Putman delve into the second of the 7 Essentials – Reaching the Lost. Real Life Ministries was founded on these foundational pillars, which we continue to uphold today. These essential values serve as guardrails that keep us on track, both as a church body and as individuals striving to follow Jesus.

As we grow closer to Jesus and experience transformation in our own lives, our perspective shifts from simply seeing demographics to viewing people as either saved or lost. As ambassadors for Christ, our ultimate mission is to reach those who are lost. This calling extends beyond just the “evangelists” among us; it applies to every disciple of Jesus.

While each person on our team may have a unique role, we all play a part in fulfilling this mission. We should all be able to share our personal stories of how Jesus has impacted our lives. Through our actions and lifestyles, we communicate messages that teach others about Jesus. By exemplifying the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we open doors for non-believers who are searching for authenticity and genuine faith.

If we look at what Jesus did during his earthly ministry, we see that he met people’s needs with love and compassion. In doing so, he drew in many individuals who were considered outcasts by society. The transformative power of Jesus can change everything in a person’s life. We can take care of people’s temporary needs but He will take care of their eternal one.

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