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The Overtime Podcast

The Partnership: Impress Upon Your Children – The Overtime Podcast

On this weeks podcast, Jim Putman is joined by Jim Blazin, Gabe Cleave, and Blake Whiteman as they talk about the importance of the marriage partnership in raising Godly children. They also touch on the role those who are single or even empty-nesters have in helping to parent the children and young people in the Church Body – we all have a part to play. Creating a home sphere that leaves a lasting impression on children requires an intentional effort from parents and adult church members. This goes beyond simply verbalizing faith; it involves modeling the principles of God in our daily lives.

The Traps: Impress Week 2

🎙️ This Week on the Overtime Podcast: Navigating the Parenting Journey Join the discussion on parenting led by Jim Putman, accompanied by the perspectives of Craig Miles, Blake Whiteman, and Chris Short. In this episode, they delve into the intricacies of raising children, exploring key topics such as: Prioritizing God in Our Lives: Uncover the traps that can emerge when we fill our lives and schedules with things that take precedence over our relationship with God. What adjustments can we make to align with His guidance in training our children? 

The Commitment: Impress Week 1

In this episode of the Real Life Ministries Overtime Podcast, our host Jim Putman is joined by Bill Krause, Jim Blazin and Christian Putman. These Campus Pastors share their thoughts about raising Godly children, and impressing God’s Word and values into their lives. This is the Real Life Overtime podcast, the place where Jim Putman and the members of the Real Life Ministries Sermon Team go deeper into the weekend sermon – discussing the things that they weren’t able to cover on Sunday. You can watch all episodes at: https://realliferesources.org/the-overtime-podcast/

Suffering – Unexpected Unhurrying: An Unhurried Life Episode 2

This week Jim Putman welcomes Gabe Cleave and Christian Putman to the podcast – In this weekend’s installment of the Unhurried series, the discussion revolved around embracing an unhurried life, exploring the profound aspects of suffering and its connection to slowing down. Some of the topics they cover are: What are the reasons for suffering? What does it look like to journey through suffering? How can we look at suffering through the lens of the cross?

Unhurried Enough to Care: An Unhurried Life Ep 1

Welcome to the first episode of The Overtime Podcast – the place where the Real Life Sermon Team go deeper into the topics that they didn’t have time to cover on Sunday. This week, you will hear from Jim Putman, Blake Whiteman, Gabe Cleave and Titus Leger as they discuss last weeks sermon from our Unhurried Life series, and talk about what it looks like to slow down enough to care about the people around you.