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Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast: Season 2 Ep. 1 – Using Curriculum and Resources in your Groups

Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast: Season 2 Ep. 1 – Using Curriculum and Resources in your Groups

Welcome to Season 2 of the Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast! We are kicking off this season with an episode about curriculum and resources – what do we have available and how do you choose what is best for your group? Our host Chris Short – Executive Pastor at Real Life Ministries is joined this time by Sharyl Williams – Digital Resource Lead, and Derek and Heather Dalton – Groups Pastor and Women’s Discipleship Lead, all from the Post Falls Campus. We are planning to pack Season 2 of the podcast full of helpful and encouraging content – and this episode is a great start!


Here are some of the things they discuss:


  1. There are many things you should take into consideration when determining what study or curriculum you should lead your group through.
  • What season are you in as a group? (Just starting? Long time relationships?
  • Who is in your group? What season of life are they in?
  • Remember that the choice of study or topic is secondary to the goal of the group – which is growing in Spiritual maturity.
  • God’s Word in any form is living and active and He is going to meet us wherever we are. The things that need to be dealt with will come up.
  • When you combine God’s Word with God’s people, God’s Spirit is going to show up.


  1. Our hearts should be that of: How are we going to help God’s people love God and love others well.
  • We need to know our people well enough to be able to determine what they may need, where they need growth.


  1. Should you follow the sermon series or go with a separate study?
  • You group should not be a democracy when it comes time to choose.
  • Have separate discussions to find out what people would like, that way they will feel heard and be willing to give honest suggestions rather then being swayed by the most vocal person.
  • There will be times when it is important to go with a sermon series or topic that the leadership would like the church to be aligned on.
  • Ultimately, as the leader you will be the best one to make a decision as to what would be the best choice for the current season.
  • Be sure you take advantage of your leaders and coaches and ask them for suggestions or recommended studies.


  1. We have some great tools that our leadership have made available for you to use!


  • Real Life Resources: This digital library contains over 500 tools and resources to help both you personally and those in your group. Podcasts, videos, books, studies and much more at this link. https://realliferesources.org/


  • We also have a page on our main website specifically for our group leaders, with training videos, announcements, and other leader resources at this link.




Thank you so much for joining us on the Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast! If you enjoy this podcast and find value in the content, please help us by subscribing and sharing it with others! If you have any questions or suggestions for future topics, feel free to email us at [email protected].


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