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Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Ep. 10: FAQ’s

Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Ep. 10: FAQ’s

In this, our tenth episode of the Groups Leadership Podcast, Chris Short: Real Life Executive Pastor is joined once again by Sara Short from our Women’s Discipleship Team with the Post Falls Campus – and Evan Meske one of our Groups Pastors, also with our Post Falls Campus.

This trio of friends (two are spouses but hopefully friends too!) take time out today to answer some of the most commonly asked questions that come up from our small group leaders. They hit some of the tough questions head on and bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to the table, with a touch of humor woven throughout.

Here are the questions they address:

  1. When is the best time to branch a group?
  2. How should we handle Hot Topics in the group?
  3. How should we handle doctrinal issues when someone wants to turn a secondary issue into a primary/core one?
  4. How long do we pursue someone who is a part of our group if they have stopped attending either church or group?
  5. When is it time to actually remove someone from a group?
  6. What if your group seems to be stuck?

Be sure to watch the video at the end – it is a Real Life story of a life change from a group at our North Campus. A great testimony of the impact a small group can have on the lives of the members and those around them.

You can download the complete show notes at the link below!


We hope you enjoy this episode! To find more discipleship tools go to www.realliferesources.org

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