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Controversial Sermon Series Q&A Episode 2

Controversial Sermon Series Q&A Episode 2

Real Life Ministries Senior Pastor Jim Putman and CDA Campus Pastor Blake Whiteman, North Campus Pastor Jim Blazin, and Hayden Campus Pastor Gave Cleave, to discuss and answer your questions from the sermon series Controversial.

The Controversial Sermon Series: Speaking truth in love has never been an easy task, but having integrity and standing firm against the beliefs of the majority is a struggle many of us are having these days. Thankfully the Bible of 2021 is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow and we can stand firm knowing anything we encounter today is no surprise to God. Join us in this new sermon series as we take the unchanging Word of God in light of a rapidly disintegrating culture and address the challenge of adjusting the Bible, or adjusting our view of the world.

The truth and how we engage are Controversial. The series will start with the Inerrancy of Scripture, which helps lead us into a weekend with Dr. Christopher Yuan on Sexual Identity. We will also be talking about a variety of controversial topics such as Critical Race Theory, misogyny, gender roles, and poverty & entitlement.

Listed below are some resources that may help you take a deeper dive into some of the topics we will be addressing in this important series:


To view the sermons go to website below: