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From the beginning of time, there was a plan. God intentionally created man and woman to join in His beautiful creation. He didn’t haphazardly or accidentally stumble across marriage. He designed it.
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Episode 1: The Design


Before you build a home, you have to have a design - a blueprint. In this first episode, Chris and Sara Short share about the importance of building your marriage according to God's design. 


Episode 2: The Foundation


In this Episode Chris and Sara Short talk about the importance of building a strong foundation that will last when it comes to your marriage. All relationships need a foundation, and the stronger it is the more storms and struggles that relationship will be able to withstand. 

Episode 3: The Walls 


In Episode 3 of our series, Chris and Sara talk about "The Walls" of our marriages. Walls create boundaries, they separate our homes from the outside world. Two of the walls we need to have in our marriage relationships is submission and sacrifice. 

Episode 4: The Roof


Chris and Sara are back again in Episode 4, talking about the role that the roof plays in God's design for our marriages. They liken the function of the roof of a house to the covering that our spiritual family provides for our marriages. Our spiritual family is a connection point that can help ground us in the truth of God's Word. 

Episode 5: The Doors


Chris and Sara are talking about the doors of the home, and what does that represent in God's design for our marriages? God wants our marriages to be a reflection of who He is, and that we are a picture of, or open door to, the Gospel of Christ. Our lives need to overflow into serving others - going from self-centeredness to others - centeredness.  And that starts at home. 

Episode 6: The Inside


In this final episode, Chris and Sara are going over furnishing the inside of the home, or marriage. What do we want it to look like? We want our homes to be a place of warmth and safety, how can having oneness in our relationship as husband and wife bring that atmosphere into our marriage? 

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