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Jim Putman: Meet me in Damascus – The Todd Herman Show Podcast

Jim Putman: Meet me in Damascus – The Todd Herman Show Podcast

Taken from The Todd Herman Show

Pilot Episode: Meet Me In Damascus: God can use anyone! Pastor Jim Putman, Real Life Ministries – Bonus Episode – Sunday Special

The Lord can equip anyone to be saved and to serve him. Drunks. Murderers. Tax Collectors. Rodeo-Clown Radio Hosts.

How will the Lord equip you? How much will you let him change you?

In this Pilot Episode of Meet Me In Damascus, we talk with one of the Nation’s leading pastors, Jim Putman of Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho. Jim tells us about his Damascus moment that took him from a young alcoholic given “abusing [his] parents” to an author and disciple-making pastoral leader of nearly ten thousand Christians. You will hear how God took away from Jim, a three-time All-American wrestler, his shot at the Olympics and how a bitter and disappointed young man initially refused the Lord’s call to service. So . . . how did God change his heart? And are Jim’s struggles over? What does he say to people who think they are too broken for the Lord to use, let alone to love?


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