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Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Ep. 8: Host Homes and Childcare

Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Ep. 8: Host Homes and Childcare

In this episode our host Chris Short sits down with Sara Short (Women’s Discipleship Leader) and Shannon Kay (Women’s Team Leader) who are both on staff at the Real Life Post Falls Campus. They are covering the topic of Host Homes and Childcare, and the things that impact the environment of a small group.

Some of the the topics they cover include:

– What if there are pets in the Host Home?

– Should our group be child-friendly?

– How important is it that we end on time?

– What should the group do during Holidays and Summer Break?

Setting expectations up front in a group helps avoid frustrations down the road. Each group will look a little different depending on their specific dynamics. What matters is that you have a clear and defined plan.

We are including a downloadable list that covers some of the common details you may need to work through when setting up the expectations for your group. We hope you find it helpful and that you are able to create a welcoming and safe environment where your members can grow deeper in relationship with each other and with God!

Click below to download the pdf:

General Expectations for Small Group Environments


You can listen to the audio version of this podcast below – To watch the video version click the orange watch/listen button.