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The Gaps: Impress Upon Your Children – The Overtime Podcast

The Gaps: Impress Upon Your Children – The Overtime Podcast

In this episode of the podcast, Jim Putman talks with Jim Blazin, Gabe Cleave, and Christian Putman about God’s plan for the Home Sphere of our lives. What happens when our homes don’t look like the blueprint God created for families? What if there is a gap?

  • The truth is, there are gaps in every home – and God’s plan for us includes utilizing His Body, the Church. Listed below are some of the specific things these four discuss when it comes to filling in the gaps.
  • God’s plan for the Home Sphere involves raising children to know the Lord and preparing them for challenges they will face.
  • Even traditional families have gaps that should be filled by the church community, encouraging individuals to seek and accept help when needed.
  • We sometimes have to make a choice between convenience and ensuring that our children know Jesus.
  • If we don’t fill the gaps, we can be sure Satan will.
  • It can come down to a battle of the mind for our children. Remember that Satan is the father of lies. Understanding our identity in Christ (Eph. 1-2) is key to combat lies and avoid becoming a victim.

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