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Built to Last: Building Your Marriage On God’s Design (Free Download)

Is Your Marriage Built On God’s Design? Have you ever built a house? Not necessarily with your own two hands, but you went through the process of dreaming, planning, getting permits, construction, and…..waiting. Whether you have, or have had the desire to, you know it is quite a process. Deciding where to build, picking a […]


  LATEST STORIES When Church Doesn’t Make Sense The Story of Real Life Episode 1 In this first episode of The Story of Real Life, we look back on the circumstances that brought the founders together. It begins with a handful of ordinary people, who, in response to a profound and unmistakable call from God, […]

Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Season 2 Bonus Episode 3: Situational Leadership

In this special bonus episode of the podcast, Chris Short – Executive Team Leader and Host engages in a candid conversation with North Campus staff members Cory Speer, Adult Discipleship Ministry Leader, and Shelly Reeves, Women’s Discipleship Leader. Together, they dig into the dynamics of Situational Leadership within Small Groups, exploring real-life scenarios that often […]

The Gaps: Impress Upon Your Children – The Overtime Podcast

In this episode of the podcast, Jim Putman talks with Jim Blazin, Gabe Cleave, and Christian Putman about God’s plan for the Home Sphere of our lives. What happens when our homes don’t look like the blueprint God created for families? What if there is a gap? The truth is, there are gaps in every […]

Impress Week Four: The Gaps

Impress: Week Four – The Gap                                                                                                                                                          Jim Putman What we have discovered so far Gods plan – abiding in Christ, a part of the spiritual family, a plan for the home sphere, so that we can defeat the enemies in our life. Proactive and Reactive –this week –my home sphere is broken -what now? We […]

The Partnership: Impress Upon Your Children – The Overtime Podcast

On this weeks podcast, Jim Putman is joined by Jim Blazin, Gabe Cleave, and Blake Whiteman as they talk about the importance of the marriage partnership in raising Godly children. They also touch on the role those who are single or even empty-nesters have in helping to parent the children and young people in the […]

Impress: Week Three – The Partnership

Impress: Week Three – The Partnership                                                                                      Jim Putman   Review Remember the context […]

The Overtime Podcast

Podcasts Paradox: Week One In this episode of the podcast Jim Putman, Blake Whiteman and Titus Leger come together to discuss the first week of our new series, “Paradox,” where we delve into the profound teachings of the Beatitudes. They talk about the fact that as we navigate through the summer, it’s easy to get […]

Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Season 2 Ep. 8 Worship as Discipleship: Part 1

In this episode of the podcast, our host Chris Short – Real Life Ministries Executive Pastor, speaks with our guests about the role worship plays in discipleship. Today’s guests are: Jeremy Ellis – Worship Arts Development Pastor at the Post Falls Campus Aaron Short – Worship Leader at the Post Falls Campus   Some of […]

You Asked For It: Week 4 – How Would Jesus Interact with the LGBTQ+ Community?

You Asked for It – Week Four                                                                                                                                           Jim Putman   Very complicated and sensitive subject: Interacting with the LGTBQ+ Community This is not a political issue – this is a moral issue that has been politicized Christians are being convinced Podcast that goes with this Resources Scripture tells some truths for us as individuals Truth […]

Easter At Real Life 2023 – North Campus

Happy Resurrection Sunday – He is risen! Jesus’ ministry on earth did not meet the expectations of His family, the Jewish public or the religious leaders of the time. They each opposed His ministry and His message because of their fear, their doubts or their agenda. Isaiah 53:3-5 (NLT) He was despised and rejected—a man […]

Jude Week 2 with Gabe C

Jude: Week 2

Jude: Rejection of Authority and Its Results (week 2) Romans 1:18-25 (NIV) The historical Christian faith is under attack, and it is up to the church to stand up and contend for the faith. Jude 1:3-4 (NLT) The book of Jude is so perfectly placed in the collection of books in the new testament because […]

Upgrades Week 4 with Christian P

Upgrades: Week 4

REVIEW: Week 1: Marriage is God’s Idea Week 2: Communication This Week: Finances FEED THE GREED, STOP THE BLEED OR MEET THE NEED – THE PRIDE, FEAR OR FAITH IN FINANCES When we trust and follow God’s design for our resources and possessions as a couple it results in unity together and the ability to […]

Upgrades Week 4 with Sam M

Upgrades: Week 4

REVIEW Marriage Series: Upgrade — not about getting a new spouse but about getting God’s perspective Our enemy is seeking to down-grade our view and experience in marriage This series applies to all of us, whether married or single Week 1 – God’s design for marriage – a partnership with a purpose Week 2-3 – […]

Upgrades Week 4 with Jim B

Upgrades: Week 4

Review:  We are addressing the home sphere and how we can improve our marriages through God’s design and not the patterns of the world. God’s plan for marriage is meant to be a blessing and privilege. When we follow God’s design and partner with our spouse to accomplish His purposes, our marriages thrive. This week: […]