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Emotional Awareness

How To Have A Marriage That’s Built To Last: RFL Episode 6

This week Lance interviews power couple Chris and Sara Short about what it looks like to have a marriage that is built according to God’s design. Some of the things they discuss include: What does God’s design for marriage look like? What does a quarantine do to a relationship? What happens when you drop a […]

Built To Last

Built to Last: Building Your Marriage On God’s Design (Free Download)

Is Your Marriage Built On God’s Design? Have you ever built a house? Not necessarily with your own two hands, but you went through the process of dreaming, planning, getting permits, construction, and…..waiting. Whether you have, or have had the desire to, you know it is quite a process. Deciding where to build, picking a […]

Runaway – Jim Putman

In the Runaway Series, Senior Pastor Jim Putman shares his life journey of going from being a prodigal child himself, to becoming the parent of a prodigal child. It is a powerful story of restoration, Biblical truths, and practical advice. Jim walks you through what he and his wife experienced when their oldest son left […]

But I Tell You... Week 5 with Bill K and Evan M

But I Tell You… Week 5

Foundations for Life – Matthew 7:24-29 & Luke 6:46-49 Context: Matthew chapter seven and Luke chapter six are parallel accounts of Jesus’ sermon. It is likely that it is the same sermon but preached on two different occasions. Matthew’s account is referred to as the “Sermon on the Mount,” whereas Luke’s account is referred to […]

But I Tell You... Week 4 with Jim P

But I Tell You… Week 4

But if you cause… Review: • Jesus is challenging and directing His disciples to have a different world view—glasses • Challenged the norms of the society at His time and in ours • As a disciple, we are following Jesus –being changed by Jesus – and committed to the mission of Jesus Our culture and […]

But I Tell You... Week 4 with Bill K and Lance W

But I Tell You… Week 4

Review: But I tell you… Jesus several times in the book of Matthew makes a comparison between the way people thought about their world and the new Kingdom He was offering them. Highlighted but the beginning conjunction, “but”.   Pitfalls: A Greatly Ignored Teaching of Jesus Matthew 18: 1-14 (ESV) At that time the disciples […]

The Disciple’s Journey Podcasts

Companion Podcasts (In these podcasts Jim goes deeper into each week of The Disciple’s Journey Workbook ) Introduction Jim’s introduction to his workbook, The Disciple’s Journey. He defines some of the terms used in the workbook and what the journey looks like. Watch Leader’s Guide Jim does a quick overview of The Disciple’s Journey Leader’s […]

Origins Week 1 with Jim P and Sam M

Origins: Week 1

Introduction The world is changing the definitions of words Since most didn’t know the previous definitions they don’t know they have been changed But scripture warns us that there would be distortion 2 Corinthians 11:12–15 (NIV) — 12 And I will keep on doing what I am doing in order to cut the ground from […]

The Greatest Week 4 with Jim P

The Greatest: Week 4

The Greatest Victory Have you ever felt helpless –hopeless? • Was it about a relationship – marriage –child • A job—career • A sickness or disease (for yourself or a loved one) • An addiction • Our country When you felt that way what did you do? • Hide in shame • Run away in […]

Thanks for Subscribing!

Thank you for subscribing to our updates! Please let us know if there is something specific you are looking for, or if you have ideas for a resource we should add to our library. Contact us by emailing:  [email protected]  Here are some resources you might be interested in right now:   ​ Holy Sexuality Conference […]

Experiencing God Week 7 with Jim P

Experiencing God: Week 7

Reality 7: You come to know God by experience as you obey Him, and He accomplishes His work through you WE EXPERIENCE God when we are with Him in relationship In that relationship, He reveals Himself and we join Him in what He is doing We cannot experience Him if we won’t surrender to Him […]

Experiencing God Week 6 with Gabe C

Experiencing God: Week 6

Recap Reality #1-God is at work all around us Reality #2-God desires a personal relationship with us Reality #3-God invites us to join Him in His work Reality #4-God speaks to us (Holy Spirit, word, prayer, circumstances, mature believers) Reality #5-The Crisis of belief The 1st 4 weeks have been about the character of God. […]


Are You Dateable?

Are you dateable? No matter where we turn, the conventional wisdom of this world seems to tell us that marriage is the answer. Finding love—and ultimately getting married—is often the goal presented to us in novels, by our parents, in movies, by our friends, and even in church. We are all looking for something more […]


The Revolutionary Disciple: Week 4

THE HOME SPHERE  Matthew 7:24-27 NIV “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had […]

The Revolutionary Disciple

The Revolutionary Disciple: Week 4

THIS WEEK: HUMILITY IN THE HOME – BEING A REVOLUTIONARY DISCIPLE IN THE HOME SPHERE It takes humility to … Allow the Church to be your family if you do not have one Learn how to be a disciple from the Church family if you didn’t come from a believing family Learn how to be […]

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