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Cultural Engagement

How To Have A Marriage That’s Built To Last: RFL Episode 6

This week Lance interviews power couple Chris and Sara Short about what it looks like to have a marriage that is built according to God’s design. Some of the things they discuss include: What does God’s design for marriage look like? What does a quarantine do to a relationship? What happens when you drop a […]

Built To Last

Built to Last: Building Your Marriage On God’s Design

Is Your Marriage Built On God’s Design? Have you ever built a house? Not necessarily with your own two hands, but you went through the process of dreaming, planning, getting permits, construction, and…..waiting. Whether you have, or have had the desire to, you know it is quite a process. Deciding where to build, picking a […]

Controversial Week 3

WHY THIS SERIES? Our goal is to teach the truth and equip believers while remaining unified as the family of God. Our challenge in this series – stand firm as the family of God while speaking and living out truth in humility and with wisdom outside of it.Jesus warns his disciples about future realities Jude […]

Controversial Week 3

God’s Design • Our goals for this series: Teach the truth – Equip the saints –Wake people up – Disciples make Disciples • To be unified as the Family of God • To act wisely amongst non-Christians Jesus describes the end times: Matthew 24:10–14 (NIV) Jude 3–4 (NIV) God gave us His Word as a […]

Controversial Week 2: Christopher Yuan – Holy Sexuality

Personal Testimony – Dr. Christopher Yuan articulates a biblical view of sexuality through the narrative of his personal transformation from an agnostic gay man to a Bible professor. He has a message of redemption through Jesus and casts a vision of not embracing our sexuality, but embracing Christ, and shattering the social concepts of gay and […]

God Resides

Delivered Week 6: God Commands

• 1 Corinthians 10—as an example and a warning for us • God leads –how –our part faith • God supplies – daily – enough • God is setting the course and supplying for their needs –now He begins to set up a culture –environment based on His standards –the Law Let’s look at the three […]

hardwired for relationship

The Home and Family Sphere Resources

The Home and Family Sphere includes the group of people that make up our family of origin and/or family of choice. This is where we have the chance to learn how to submit to and love others, and practice humility as we model following Jesus in our day to day life and relationships.   Built […]

God Resides

Delivered – Week 4: God Leads

Delivered: God Leads REVIEW Continuing in our series through Exodus. Remember that the Old Testament is full of foreshadowing that points towards the New Testament and the coming of Jesus Christ. This week we are covering Exodus 13 & 14, talking about how God leads His people. At this point, God has led his people […]

God Resides

Delivered – Week 4: God Leads

God Leads  Review – A true story with future ramifications 1 Corinthians 10:1–11 (NIV) The big picture – God wants to rescue us—then and now A forgetful people –Egyptians and Israel—leads to slavery A rescuing God – the showdown between the Lord and the devil –10 plagues The Passover – a just and forgiving God […]

Forged - Ready to Suffer

Forged – Week 4: Ready to Suffer

Don’t confuse your sin and bad choices with “God’s will”
• Don’t abandon God’s methodology of reaching the world even though it hurts sometimes

Cultural Engagement

How To Speak Middle School: RFL Episode 2

In this episode of the Real for Life Podcast, Lance Wigton has a conversation with Real Life Lead Youth Pastor Heath Fagen and Lead Team Member Riley Couch. They give a close up look at the life of a Middle Schooler – their biggest strengths, the things they value, and how an older generation can […]

kingdom come

Kingdom Come: Week 3

Jesus is King!  The beginning was perfect both spiritually and physically. Then there was the great rebellion and its consequence, the curse. Jesus came, and Kingdoms collided. He came as a lamb to offer Himself for our sin—to pay for the decision to sin and rebel. He is a relational King. He came to reveal […]

myth busters

Myth Busters: Week 4

MYTH: “AS A CHRISTIAN, LIFE WILL BE ALL GOOD. IT WILL GO MY WAY.” DON’T BE SURPRISED 1 Peter 4:12-13 (NLT) 12Dear friends, don’t be surprised at the fiery trials you are going through, as if something strange were happening to you. 13Instead, be very glad—for these trials make you partners with Christ in his […]

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