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Built to Last: Building Your Marriage On God’s Design (Free Download)

Built to Last: Building Your Marriage On God’s Design (Free Download)

Is Your Marriage Built On God’s Design?

Have you ever built a house? Not necessarily with your own two hands, but you went through the process of dreaming, planning, getting permits, construction, and…..waiting. Whether you have, or have had the desire to, you know it is quite a process. Deciding where to build, picking a lot, choosing a trusted construction company, it goes on and on, There are so many choices and you don’t want to mess any of them up!

Now, thinking of the importance and investment of building a house, how many of you would pick someone without any experience or knowledge of the home building process to be a part of the construction? I’m guessing not many of you. Because you know what you are building matters, especially if you plan to live in this new house for any length of time.

In reality, this is exactly what many couples do as they head into marriage and start a home. They never pause long enough to consider if they have the right design, blueprint, or builder. They don’t think about building their marriage on God’s design. And, the statistics prove that most homes reflect this sad reality:

• Over 50% of marriages end in divorce

• Of those who remain married, marital satisfaction is at an all-time low

• An increasing number of marriages are scarred every year by affairs, addiction, and abuse

We need a better design and the right builder of marriage! But where do you start if you want to build a home that you intend to stand the test of time? Where do those blueprints come from? How do you create a marriage built on God’s design? A marriage that is Built to Last?

From the beginning of time, there was a plan. God intentionally created man and woman to join in His beautiful creation. He didn’t haphazardly or accidentally stumble across marriage. He designed it.

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