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The Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Episode 6 – Discipleship Outside the Circle

In this episode Chris Short (Real Life Executive Pastor) sits down to have a conversation with Blake Whiteman (Real Life Cda Campus Pastor) and Travis Anderson (Real Life Small Group Leader) regarding what it looks like to take Discipleship outside the circle of a small group. Sometimes the time group members spend together outside of […]

The Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Ep. 5 – Asking Great Questions

This month Chris Short (Executive Team Leader) sits down with Heather Dalton (Women’s Discipleship Leader, Post Falls Campus) and Evan Meske (Groups Pastor, Post Falls Campus) to talk about asking great questions – a very helpful topic for someone leading a small group discussion! Heather and Evan are part of the Post Falls Campus team […]

Following Jesus Together – Small Group Curriculum

This story set follows the story of the disciples as they meet Jesus, follow Him, get to know Him and begin to grow. We will follow Jesus with them in a chronological order, although we will not have time to tell all the stories about Jesus and His disciples in this series. We have chosen […]

RLGLP Episode 1

The Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast: Episode 1-Over-talkers and Under-talkers

Episode 1: Over-Talkers and Under-Talkers In this episode host Chris Short is joined by Cory Speers, and Evan Meske, who have a combined 30 years of small group leadership experience and have helped, coached and given direction to group leaders on this topic dozens of times. In this episode they are addressing two common challenges […]

small group discipleship

3 Key Components Of An Effective Discipleship Small Group

Discipleship The best vehicle for discipleship is relationship. And a small group is a great environment where relationship can take place. But it can’t be just any small group. Your soccer team getting together may be a small group, but the group is not meeting for the purpose of encouraging discipleship. There are a few […]

We Are Real Life: Week Three – Connect the Unconnected

Review Vision, Mission, Process 7 Essentials ….1 Abide, 2. Reach the Lost Every disciple Accepts Jesus, Abides with Him and the result is Connection and helping others get and stay connected   3rd Essential— We Connect the unconnected –Its Jesus’ model for discipleship that leads to community In addition to -not graduating from abiding and […]

The Disciple’s Journey – Sermon Series

Week 1: Introduction and Abide Sphere In this introduction episode, Jim Putman, Senior Pastor at Real Life Ministries, talks about what it means to be a Disciple of Jesus and find our Identity in Christ, and why everything hinges on our Abide Sphere. Click to download sermon notes Watch Week 2: The Church Sphere In […]

The Disciples Journey Week 5 with Titus L

The Disciples Journey: Week 5

The Disciple’s Journey – Week 5 of 5 Every believer is a disciple and is called to make disciples. The vehicle that God uses to grow us to be more like Jesus is relationship. This week: Spiritual Realm (Ephesians 6:10-20) S.O.A.P. – One Way to Study Scripture Due to the many baptism celebrations today, we […]

Origins Week 2 with Jim B

Origins: Week 2

The Original Church Review: ● Jesus called ordinary people to follow Him and they became His disciples. ● He gave them the Great Commission; as they boldly shared Christ, the church was established. Acts 14:21 (NIV) They preached the gospel in that city and won a large number of disciples. Then they returned to Lystra, Iconium […]

The Power of Together

The Power of Together

None of us is lovable all of the time–and no one can make us feel worse than those closest to us. So we keep others at arm’s length to protect ourselves, rather than reaching out for relationship. But think of who Jesus invited into his life and ministry. They weren’t always lovable. Yet he modeled […]

Worth week 2 with Jeremy and Titus

Worth: Week 2

Group Questions Congregational Worship As a Small Group, read Acts 16:16-40. What do you notice about worship in the text? Verse 25 says that the other prisoners were “listening to” Paul and Silas. Who is listening to/watching how you and what do they see, specifically when it comes to what you worship? How big of a priority […]


Real Life Ministries 4 Campus Thanksgiving Eve

Heavenly Father we come to this evening on the verge of our holiday – called Thanksgiving – and we want to turn that over to You – we want You to be in charge of it tonight. And Lord – it’s just not going to happen unless Your Holy Spirit inhabits the words – and […]

FIRST: Week 2

The Challenge Exodus 20:3–4 (NIV) We may not create idols like they did in history but we still struggle with idols • Context – there were idols (physical) and internal • God’s word speaks about money and finances because it is a means to pursue our idols Ezekiel 14:1–5 (NIV) Ephesians 5:5 (NIV) Colossians 3:5 […]