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Pray Like Jesus: Week Five

Bottom Line: God has forgiven us from a great sin debt we owed, as a response we become great forgivers. Pray Like Jesus ●  It starts with “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name” (We are reminded who we speak to in reverence and relationship) ●  “your kingdom come, your will be done…” (we […]

You Asked For It: Week 4 – How Would Jesus Interact with the LGBTQ+ Community?

You Asked for It – Week Four                                                                                                                                           Jim Putman   Very complicated and sensitive subject: Interacting with the LGTBQ+ Community This is not a political issue – this is a moral issue that has been politicized Christians are being convinced Podcast that goes with this Resources Scripture tells some truths for us as individuals Truth […]

Upgrades Week 1 with Jim P and Bill K

Upgrades: Week 1

 A disciple in the 5 spheres –abiding –identity –purpose –strength is the starting place As we abide we receive directions and power for every part of our lives This matters for singles too The focus for this series is the home sphere Mental health is built into us in our interactions within our homes –proactive […]

Mastermind Week 4 with Jim P

Mastermind: Week 4

Review/Remember:  We all struggle in many ways — The issue of mental health –we have it or know someone who does The 5 R’s—Relationship- Rest—Remembering – Resilience –Restoration Every situation is nuanced so we need all 5 De-stigmatizing – Pro-active and reactive Creating a safe culture as a church – We recognize that there are […]

Mastermind Week 3 with Blake W

Mastermind: Week 3

REVIEW: Mark 12:30 (NIV) – Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. Physical health requires time, attention and effort to obtain and maintain; mental health is no different This is a giant topic with tremendous nuance. Let’s discuss […]

Mastermind Week 3 with Jim P

Mastermind: Week 3

Review  A complicated problem Just like our body is a combination of physical problems, lifestyle issues, so our mind has genetic issues, experiences that shape us, as well as spiritual issues The right understanding of the problem and those of us who struggle with this need to know we may never conquer it completely – […]

Mastermind Week 2 with Sam M

Mastermind: Week 2

REVIEW  Just like we have to work at being physical healthy, we need to work at being mentally healthy So many challenges today in regards to mental health (anxiety, depression, isolation, OCD, etc, There is hope in our God and His way of living PREVIEW Today – we’re talking about… A few reminders to the […]

What Does The Bible Say About….? Podcast With Jim Putman

Update on Ethiopia TRIP 2024: PODCAST WITH JIM PUTMAN Jim Putman, Senior Pastor of Real Life Ministries, and Dave Campbell, International Discipleship Pastor, talk about their recent trip to Ethiopia and how God is moving in that place. watch video Update on Uganda Trip 2024: Podcast with Jim Putman Jim shares about his recent visit […]

Retirement Will Kill You Faster: Podcast with Dr. Wes Beavis

If you missed the “Retirement will Kill you Faster” conference with Dr. Wes Beavis when he was here at Real Life Ministries, you can now watch the recording of the main session. In this session, Dr. Wes Beavis gives some surprising statistics on why the current retirement model is not working, and is in fact […]

Mastermind Week 1 with Jim P

Mastermind: Week 1

The Purpose of this series: Trust god and do what He asks, Change your life and mind, Stability in your life creates stability in others’ Our hope for this study: Bring this problem into the light Destigmatize it Encourage believers to make the right kind of changes including medical help in some cases Equip people […]


This time of year, many of us make promises to ourselves to be healthier physically. But what about our mental health? We are kicking off 2023 with a five-part series entitled Master Mind. We’ll be taking on topics like finding well-rounded relationships, finding rest, building resilience, and how to maintain a healthy mind set. We […]

Leaders Resource Information

Leadership Resources Group Leader Guide Everything you need to lead a Real Life Group – right at your fingertips! Download Community Assistance Information and details about Real Life Ministries available community assistance programs.  Click Here Pastoral Care If you are walking through a difficult place or season, our pastoral care ministry is here to help. […]

The Battle for the Mind Week 1 with Jim P

The Battle for the Mind: Week 1

Our Church focuses on disciple making Our hope is to help people become mature in Christ Mental health emphasis is a relational emphasis Maturity is to follow Jesus (head) it is being changed by Jesus (heart) and being committed to the mission of Jesus (hands) In relationship, we become mature –our real relationships reveal we […]