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Stand Firm Week Two: Standing With Endurance

Review Context The first church                Paul is pushed out of Philippi                      Those in Macedonia Paul’s concern: They are dealing with persecution. A phrase Paul uses– stand firm – In 1 and 2 Thessalonians as well. Kinds of persecution – social -physical – financial, relational, the temptation to give up all together or come […]

Stand Firm Week One: Faith, Hope and Love

Stand Firm: Week One Sam Meredith REVIEW • Resurrection Sunday – death undone. • The reason for our hope – the historical evidences and truth of Jesus’ bodily resurrection PREVIEW • We’re starting our new series – 1-2 Thessalonians – “Stand Firm.” • Stand Firm – in God’s Word, in our relationship with Him and […]

Death Undone : Easter 2024

Review: • The most amazing statement begins in the book of Genesis –in the beginning God created –Created what – a physical universe –there was something else • The bible reveals what He wanted for it and the fact that Humans were special -He wanted relationship with us – we had/have the power to choose […]

Sin Undone

Main Idea: Though we will wrestle with sin, it is no longer where we live. We are being transformed day by day with the help of the Holy Spirit. Review: The Passover reminds us that the blood of the lamb released the Israelites from bondage. The Law helped us understand the penalty for sin is […]

Judgement Undone

Review—Part one: God reveals Himself and His perspective what He thinks people are in bondage to God sees the impact of the curse and cares for Israel Bondage to false Gods, Broken relationship practices A life style that leads to spiritual and physical death Romans 8:18–21 (NIV) 18 I consider that our present sufferings are […]

Bondage Undone

Easter is coming – our Most important celebration – God actually knows we need celebrations to remember where we came from – who we are—where we are going. We need constant rhythms weekly – communion – celebrations yearly –we forget easily Remembering helps us stay on track Gives us joy in the hard times The […]

Impress Week Four: The Gaps

Impress: Week Four – The Gap                                                                                                                                                          Jim Putman What we have discovered so far Gods plan – abiding in Christ, a part of the spiritual family, a plan for the home sphere, so that we can defeat the enemies in our life. Proactive and Reactive –this week –my home sphere is broken -what now? We […]

Impress: Week Three – The Partnership

Impress: Week Three – The Partnership                                                                                      Jim Putman   Review Remember the context […]

Impress: Week Two – The Traps

Review Look at the overtime podcast for questions you may have to be answered (link at bottom of notes) Resources –Power of Together – and Hope for the Prodigal resources Why this series – so few discipled in the ways of God for the church and home overlap – the impact Everyone has a home […]

Church Is A Team Sport

tune in TO THE CHURCH IS A TEAM SPORT PODCAST If you’re ready to revolutionize your church’s culture and become a disciple-making community, tune in to the Church is a Team Sport Podcast – where coaching meets discipleship and nobody sits on the bench!  WATCH PODCAST ABOUT CHURCH IS A TEAM SPORT How do churches […]

Impress: Week One – The Commitment

The Commitment “That it may go well with you” Deuteronomy 6 & Ephesians 6:1-4 – Impressions Context When God established the nation of Israel during the time of Moses, He incorporated various laws and customs to strengthen their faith both as a nation and as individual families, ensuring a lasting impact on future generations. The […]

Real Life Discipleship

Our Story Real Life Discipleship The Real Life Discipleship training manual provides unique guidance and insight to pastors, church leaders, and their disciples as they work to create an effective discipleship program. With a thorough, results-oriented process that can be applied in other contexts and cultures, this manual explains the necessary components of disciple-making so that every […]

An Unhurried Life: Week Five – Rhythms of Rest

REVIEW We often live lives too fast paced, too busy, too full of a schedule This is unhealthy and it leads to poor health in other areas of our lives (physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual, etc) Jesus lived the most profound life full of meaning and purpose yet He wasn’t hurried. He invites us to […]

An Unhurried Life: Week Four – Unexpected Unhurrying

Unexpected Unhurrying:  God wants us to rest in Him – The world is exhausting – suffering is a result even for believers A disciple of Jesus rests — Jesus Himself had a lifestyle of withdrawing – resting God wants us to rest – the law – Romans 8:29 (NIV) 29 For those God foreknew he […]

An Unhurried Life: Week Two – Unhurried, Not Lazy

Review • God wants to rescue us from the busyness we have created by helping us understand what godly rhythms and pacing are for our life. • Our culture says that we have to move fast to experience everything there is in life to experience. It also says that if we aren’t moving fast and […]

An Unhurried Life: Week One – A Frenetic Life

In our culture being busy is a badge of honor – a good thing — Being bored is not an option – pausing means I have to stop and consider what I have been running from and I don’t want to do that A hurried life is an unhealthy life – We Americans – the […]