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Young Adults Boundaries Series with Bryce R

Boundaries: Young Adults

This Young Adult Podcast goes through how you can implement boundaries throughout your life (ie. dating, family, friends, work, home, etc.) to create healthier relationships between you and others. Listen as Bryce Reed, Real Life Ministries Young Adult Ministry Lead, shares from His own life story the damage that comes from a lack of boundaries […]


Are You Dateable?

Are you dateable? No matter where we turn, the conventional wisdom of this world seems to tell us that marriage is the answer. Finding love—and ultimately getting married—is often the goal presented to us in novels, by our parents, in movies, by our friends, and even in church. We are all looking for something more […]


Unshaken: Overcoming Anxiety in a Stress Filled Life

Finding peace in a world of anxiety Do you sometimes feel the stress and anxiety of life is overwhelming? Do you find yourself tired and worn down, struggling to continue with the day-to-day battles? I want you to know that you are not alone in that —I have struggled with this too. And apparently so […]