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Are You Dateable?

Are You Dateable?

Are you dateable? No matter where we turn, the conventional wisdom of this world seems to tell us that marriage is the answer. Finding love—and ultimately getting married—is often the goal presented to us in novels, by our parents, in movies, by our friends, and even in church.

We are all looking for something more in life, and if you’re single, the message seems to be that marriage is the answer to this “something more” search. The problem is that, if this were true, then every time we ended up in a dating relationship, we’d feel complete. And yet, we don’t.

We all know from experience that our worries and problems don’t go away when we meet someone else. Being Dateable doesn’t solve everything. Why we date can influence how we date. So what if what we are chasing isn’t the solution we really need? What if the “something more” we are searching for is bigger than we imagined?

As we learn where we can find lasting contentment and joy, we’ll discover that in order to experience lasting joy in a relationship, we first have to find it somewhere else.


Dateable Session 1: The Secret to Dating 

 Small Group Discussion Guide – Dateable Week One


Dateable Session 2: Is Dating Supposed To Be Disappointing? 

Small Group Discussion Guide – Dateable Week Two



Dateable Session 3: We’ve All Got Baggage

Small Group Discussion Guide – Dateable Week Three



Dateable Session 4: How To Communicate In Dating

Small Group Discussion Guide – Dateable Week Four



Dateable Session 5: Listen To This Before You Start Dating

Small Group Discussion Guide – Dateable Week Five