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You Asked For It: Week 3 – How Does A Good God Allow Bad Things?

You Asked For It: Week 3 – How Does A Good God Allow Bad Things?


– We can all see the brokenness.
– The enemy would love nothing more than to put God on trial.
– We have a good God.
– Genesis.
– Romans 5:12, Romans 8:19-23.
– Sin is serious.
– If God is so good, why won’t He wipe out all evil?
– We have all sinned.
– Romans 5:6-10.


– I still have questions.
– Christian’s story.
– The devil:
– …attaches meanings.
– …uses emotions.
– …gets you focused on circumstances.
– Anything to get God on the stand and say He isn’t good.
– Truth:
– My emotions don’t dictate truth.
– My circumstances don’t dictate truth.
– The thoughts in my head don’t dictate truth.
– God’s Word dictates truth.
– Psalms 77: 1-13.
– Other biblical examples:


– If you don’t know Jesus, you need to know Him.
– Lament (Go to God).
– 1 Peter 5:7.
– Trust.
– Romans 8:28.
– God’s promises.
– Hebrews 4:16.
– God’s people.
– Encourage each other daily (Hebrews 3:13).


1. Do you need Jesus today?
2. Have you forgotten how good God is? Has the enemy gotten God on the stand in your heart?
3. Do you need to go to Him with your wrestling?
4. Do you need to be connected?


1) What stood out to you in this week’s message?
2) Have you ever wrestled with this topic? Why or why not? What happened?
3) Read Romans 5:12 & Romans 8:19-23:
– What are these passages teaching us?
– How do these passages fit into the question covered this week?
4) Read Psalm 77:
– What stands out to you in this passage?
– Do you ever struggle to bring these kinds of things to the Lord in your own life?
5) Which letter listed below do you struggle to engage with when you’re wrestling with doubt? A. Lament (Go to God)
B. Trust
C. God’s Promises
D. God’s People
6) What has been your biggest takeaway so far from this series? 7) Prayer requests.