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Experiencing God: Week 3

Experiencing God: Week 3


  1. God is always at work around you.
    John 5:17–20 (NIV) — In his defense Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.” For this reason they tried all the more to kill him; not only was he breaking the Sabbath, but he was even calling God his own Father, making himself equal with God. Jesus gave them this answer: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does. Yes, and he will show him even greater works than these, so that you will be amazed.
  2. God pursues a continuing love relationship with you that is real and personal.
    Psalm 139:2–5 (NIV) — You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely. You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me.

We often ask the wrong question and therefore look for the wrong answers.

  • The wrong question: What is God’s will for my life?
  • The wrong response: I seek to live my life and invite God’s will into it.
  • The right questions: What is God’s will?
  • The right response: I seek God’s invitation and live my life according to it.

THIS WEEK: REALITY 3 – God invites you to become involved with Him in His work

Matthew 4:19 (NIV) – Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

In the invitation God gives us:

  • An order of operations
  • A personal invitation into relationship with Him
  • A description of what He means in the invitation – to follow Him
  • What will happen if you accept the invitation – He will change you
  • What the results of a changed life will be – In His will and on His mission – a disciple


  •  God first invites us into relationship with Him
    •  This is how we learn who He is and what He is like
  •  As we experience Him He then invites us to learn and understand His will
    • God’s will is given in His Word and understood in experience with Him and others
  •  As we experience Him, His will in His way, He will reveal to us how to join Him in His work


  • On the journey He leads and we follow, He teaches and we learn
  • We learn and unlearn along the way – the process of being changed
    •  Abraham – David – Moses
    •  We don’t arrive before we arrive

When we accept the invitation into relationship with God He takes us on a journey into understanding His will and joining Him in His work. It is along the way tat God reveals and speaks truth to us.


Scriptures to consider: Psalm 139:1-6; Isaiah 6:1-8; Luke 5:1-11


  1.  Describe a time you were excluded or not invited to something? What was the impact?
    a. In contrast, have you ever been invited to something really fun, exciting, or       meaningful? What was the impact?
  2.  How is God shaping you as a tool for His divine work? a. Do you sometimes resist this refining process? Explain.
  3.  What has God been teaching you lately? a. How might He be preparing you to join Him in the lives of those around you?
  4.  If someone were to scrutinize your text messages, emails, social media, calendar & checkbook, would they conclude that your priorities line up with God’s?
    a. In what areas do you think you’re doing well? Where are you challenged?
  5. In what areas of your life do you think God is inviting you to join Him in His work?
  6. How can you be more prepared to experience God this week?