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Delivered – Week 3: God Delivers

Delivered – Week 3: God Delivers

GOD DELIVERS: The Pathway to Freedom – The Plagues, Passover and Exodus (Ch. 7-12)

*THE FIRST 9 PLAGUES:*The Pathway and Process to Freedom (Ch. 7-10)
-Blood -Frogs -Gnats -Flies -Livestock -Boils -Hail -Locusts -Darkness


The Death of the Firstborn & The Passover
God said to Moses that this is the last one and then Pharaoh will let you go.

The last plague is that ALL the firstborn shall die – of everyone, not just the Egyptians God said everyone is to obey my command or they shall endure the firstborn plague God’s command: The Lord’s Passover and the Festival Celebration of Unleavened Bread


(Ch. 12:50-51)
God delivers Israel from slavery unto Egypt

Exodus 12:50-51 (NIV) – All the Israelites did just what the Lord had commanded Moses and Aaron. And on that very day the Lord brought the Israelites out of Egypt by their divisions.


– This story is an example and foreshadowing of the New Testament and our own lives
– God promised deliverance and delivered on his promise
– God purposes are done in God’s ways, in God’s time and with God’s intentions
– There is a process to discovering purpose – it’s not immediate!
– God uses people for his purposes – Moses, Aaron & Pharaoh
– A hard heart leads to a hardened heart, but a soft heart leads to a hardened purpose!
– Miracles and disasters don’t always change hearts, but God gives multiple chances!
– An obedient life leads to freedom – but not right away – there is a process to purpose
– Leadership has a great impact on people – both for the good and the bad
– The result of sin is suffering and eventually death – maybe not immediate, but inevitable
– Suffering and death bring deliverance
– God already knows the plan and the pathway, but he invites us into the process for his and our purposes.


Passages to consider: Exodus 7-12

Sermon Reflection – Share an insight you gained from the sermon you heard.


Look over Exodus 7-11. What stands out to you about the progression of what is happening in Egypt? What do you see about who God is?

Moses and Aaron have a role to play in what God is doing. What would be challenging to be in their positions? What do you learn from their example?
How does what you see in Exodus encourage you in the hard things in your walk of following Jesus?

The plagues demonstrate God’s presence and power and deal with different false gods and beliefs. What have been things that have shown you God’s presence, power and authority? What false belief or idol is God working our of your life?

Read Exodus 12:1-12, 21-32. What do you see about God and his relationship with his people in this passage?

As you think through areas in your life that need deliverance, or people in your life that need to know the Deliverer – Jesus? What is your part in the process? What is God’s part? What is your next step in whatever God is saying to you?

Passages for next week: Exodus 13-15
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