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Controversial Week 2: Christopher Yuan – Holy Sexuality

Controversial Week 2: Christopher Yuan – Holy Sexuality

Personal Testimony – Dr. Christopher Yuan articulates a biblical view of sexuality through the narrative of his personal transformation from an agnostic gay man to a Bible professor. He has a message of redemption through Jesus and casts a vision of not embracing our sexuality, but embracing Christ, and shattering the social concepts of gay and straight by pointing toward Christ and what God says about holy sexuality.

Sexual Identity: False Identity – One of the most important things missed when engaging with our LGB friends is how sexuality has become the core of our being. “Being gay” means “This is who I am.” But if this is incorrect, how does the Bible communicate who we are? Dr. Yuan articulates the correct understanding of personhood through the lens of Scripture—particularly, the image of God and the doctrine of sin—and explains the consequences of an incorrect understanding of who we are.

Holy Sexuality: Breaking Bad Paradigms – We’ve pigeonholed ourselves into the purely secular paradigm of sexual orientation, that is, heterosexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality. But is there any other framework? Dr. Yuan looks to the Bible for theological clarity and explains the correct biblical standard: holy sexuality which is chastity in singleness and faithfulness in biblical marriage.

A Christian Response to Homosexuality – Sexual identity is one of the most relevant topics of our day. We all know someone who identifies as gay. How can Christians better engage with our loved ones and friends in the LGB community? How does the gospel (sin, repentance, and redemption) shape our understanding of sexuality? Without any compromise of truth or grace, Dr. Christopher Yuan combines his life experiences and his theological training in biblical languages to bring a fresh and unique perspective on this important topic.