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How to Study the Bible – The Key to Knowing God and His Will for our Lives

How to Study the Bible – The Key to Knowing God and His Will for our Lives

Do you want to learn how to study the Bible? If you do you won’t be disappointed! The Bible comes from God, and it is the key to knowing God and his will for our lives. God has given us His Word to be the final authority for our lives, and it answers all of our needs and requests.  We gain a greater discernment of the truth  as we walk through our daily lives in the world when we are studying the Bible. The Bible is full of practical help. It has everything from working through relationships, to raising and disciplining children, and holding on through struggles. The most accurate definition of love is in the Bible – both in words and through the example Jesus gave us through his life.

Bible Study awakens and strengthens our faith. God’s word is both life giving and life sustaining to those who belong to Him. It gives us hope and freedom, and when we fix our mind and thoughts on it, it can lift us out of the darkness of this world and bring us into God’s wonderful light. Remember that God wants to have a personal relationship with us. That includes us reading and meditating on his Word and talking with him daily. It will transform your life when you spend time daily doing these two things!

This Bible Study Bundle includes a seven page Beginners Study Guide, along with the Real Life University six week How to Study the Bible training video series.

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