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FIRST will concentrate on a few specific areas, and challenge us to ask some questions in our lives.

What we put FIRST in our life matters.

If we choose to put God FIRST in our living and giving… If we choose to touch lives… If we choose to connect people to Christ, and to live as disciples of Jesus, there is no limit to the reach of God’s kingdom!

Here at Real Life, we have seen this reality proven over and over again. Join us for the next three weeks as we explore our individual priorities, and see what happens when we collectively put God FIRST. #livingandgiving #first #realforlife

Giving Is The Good Life

The Unexpected Path to Purpose and Joy: Wouldn’t it be great if we could do what pleases God, helps others, and is best for us – at the same time? Can we live the good life without being selfish? In Giving Is the Good Life, best-selling author Randy Alcorn teaches life-changing biblical principles of generosity and tells stories of people who have put those radical principles into practice. Each story is a practical application that can help stimulate your imagination and expand your dreams of serving Jesus in fresh ways. These real-life models give you not just words to remember but footprints to follow. Giving Is the Good Life reveals a grander view of God and generosity – one that stretches far beyond our imagination and teaches us what the good life is really all about.

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