The Discipleship Journey Through The Five Spheres

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The Discipleship Journey Through The Five Spheres
The Abiding Sphere The Church Sphere The Home and Family Sphere The World Sphere The Spiritual Realm Spiritual Maturity

The Abiding Sphere

Abide Sphere:

The Abide Sphere encompasses our time spent with God via His Word, His Holy Spirit, and His People. Our time Abiding with God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is what gives us the power, the desire, and the ability to live according to His plans, and it permeates every sphere of our lives.

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The Church Sphere

Church Sphere:

This is the Body of Christ, our Spiritual family that encompasses all that Jesus intended for His Church, and what was modeled by the first disciples in the book of Acts. This includes being devoted to teaching, to fellowship and to prayer. Taking communion together, meeting in large and small groups, giving to the Lords work to make disciples of all nations as well as to care for believers who are in need. It is where we are overseen and shepherded by Gods appointed leaders, and where the biblical definition of family is modeled so that disciples will know how to live in every area of their lives. This is where we use our gifts to serve each other, practice love, live out unity, and learn to submit to authority. It is within the Body we create environments for discipleship that grow and build it up in love.

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The Home and Family Sphere

The Home and Family Sphere includes the group of people that make up our family of origin and/or family of choice. This is where we have the chance to learn how to submit to and love others, and practice humility as we model following Jesus in our day to day life and relationships.

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The World Sphere

The World Sphere is where we live, work and play. This encompasses our jobs, neighbors, hobbies, clubs, sports and gyms. In this sphere, one of our main roles is as Ambassadors of Christ – reconciling people to Him. We model Jesus to show others what it looks like to have Him in our lives – so they will want what we have.

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The Spiritual Realm

The Spiritual Sphere consists of the unseen realm where the devil and his demons seek to distort, distract, and tempt God's people to deviate from God's design and will for their lives. It is described as the realm where the devil works against God's people (and God's angels) to thwart the Lord's church and its given mission.

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Spiritual Maturity

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