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Tag: corporate worship

The Worship Dilemma

In this 5 episode series, Aaron Short, the Worship Pastor at Real Life Ministries, and Jeremy Ellis, the Development Pastor at Real Life Ministries, join forces to explore the ongoing...

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Worth: Week 2

Group Questions Congregational Worship As a Small Group, read Acts 16:16-40. What do you notice about worship in the text? Verse 25 says that the other prisoners were “listening...

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Worth: Week Two

Review • Why This series? Abiding and worship sets the stage for our year • Defining worth-ship • Definition of “Worship” English – The letters “Wor” come from the root of...

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Called Out – Week 2

Worship is a corporate activity but also a personal one. God wants us to worship because we need to—creature versus creator.

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Called Out – Week 3

Are there changes you’re needing to make in your personal life in order to align yourself to God’s calling for you as a Christian participating weekly in His church through corporate...

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