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Worth Week 1 with Jim B

Worth: Week 1

Can you think of something quite worthy to you? It may be intrinsic – my wedding ring – it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks it’s worth. It is priceless to me! You...

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The Revolutionary Disciple

The Revolutionary Disciple: Week 3

Vision and Mission Our vision is to “reach the world for Jesus 1 person at a time” Our mission is that “we are going to make biblical disciples in relational environments” Matthew...

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why god

Why God?: Week 5

“Why so many hypocrites in the Church?” What hypocrisy is: A conflict between a person’s actions and stated convictions. Someone who doesn’t practice what they preach. A person...

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myth busters

Myth Busters: Week 1

SERIES INTRODUCTION   MythBusters, the show, takes a claim that might be popular in society (whether it’s from the internet, a TV show, or movie) and seeks to find out if the...

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myth busters

Myth Busters: Week 2

THIS WEEK’S MYTH: “I CAN BE OK WITHOUT THE CHURCH.” WHAT DOES GOD SAY ABOUT THIS? BIBLICAL FOUNDATION The Bible alone gives a clear and complete picture of what God wants done...

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