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Wisdom Under Fire: Week 2

Wisdom Under Fire: Week 2

Determined to Walk in Wisdom

Passages to consider: Daniel 1:3-21, Romans 12:1,2; Jeremiah 1:8; Jeremiah 29:4-14
Ice Breaker: What is some of the best advice you have received? What is some of the worst?
• Share something from the sermon that you want to remember throughout the week.
1. Read Daniel 1:3-21. What stands out in this passage? A) What does this passage show you about Daniel interacting with the new culture he was now a part of? B) What do you notice about God?
2. What have you ‘determined’ about how you will live as a Christ-follower in the time and place you live? A) What kinds of boundaries do you draw with the culture around you? What has inspired those boundaries?
3. Where do you go for wisdom or advice? A) What wisdom have you learned about engaging the world you live in without conforming? B) Where do you need wisdom?
4. In what situations do you feel pressure to conform? Explain a little. A) What would wisdom and respect look like in the situation you are thinking of? Is there an alternative suggestion could you make for the situation?
5. What would help you to see your job as a way to honor God while serving your employer or employees? If your responsibility is to care for a home or family, what helps you to see those responsibilities as a way of honoring God?)
6. Share something you have discovered through Daniel, the sermon and our discussion. What will be impacted by that in your thinking and living?

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