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Missions Week

Missions Week

Key Bible Passage:

Acts 1:8

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Our Missions Team at Real Life is also known the Real Life IDT which stands for:

A. Incorporated Digital Technology

B. International Discipleship Team

C. Interpol Detective Team

2. The main focus for our Missions Team is:

A. Clean water initiatives

B. Evangelism

C. Building projects

D. Discipleship

3. We connect with National (Indigenous) Pastors to help them:

A. Lead and multiply disciple-making churches

B. Learn to speak English

C. Accomplish the projects they have planned for their church

4. In order to help pastors around the world, we use volunteers from Real Life Ministries because they are:

A. Free (no cost)

B. Actual practitioners of Biblical Relational Discipleship (Jesus’ model)

C. Submissive and easy to work with

D. Well, okay, maybe both A and B but not always C

5. To reach the communities and people in other countries with service, compassion, care and meeting needs we:

A. Send lots of money to the churches we work with

B. Send our people from RLM to do these things in other countries

C. Intentionally strengthen the local churches we work with in other countries so that they can “be the church of Jesus” and impact the people of their communities

D. Support missionaries from the United States to go live in other countries and do those things

Unity and Alignment:

A. Romans 15:5-6

B. Valued/Commanded by God: John 17:20-21

C. Local, regional, national, international: Discipleship (we live it, share) Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8 (ONE MISSION)

• Pastors around the world are searching for the Biblical model of Discipleship

• When can help them discover and experience Jesus’ model of Discipleship?

    •  Missions Week 2021

• Our International Discipleship Coaches live it out with the international pastors

• We help them Lead their church in Biblical Relational Discipleship

• We help them reproduce it and multiply it to other pastors/church plants

• How can you help?

A. Live, give (ONE MISSION) (Living it out at Home Base)

B. Engage: Special Project: Missions Church Planting in Mexico. Support the raising up and equipping of a church planter of a disciple-making church in Mexico

C. Be part of a Serve and Encourage trip to support planting a disciple-making church in Mexico—Need carpenters, painters, general labor, coffee shop experts, etc.

For discussion with your small group, family and friends – Acts 1:1-11; Matthew 28:18-20

Questions to discuss:

1. What caught your attention about how Real Life Ministries is involved in international discipleship?

2. Read Acts 1:1-11. What was Jesus doing and saying? A) What did he ask of those committed to following him?

3. What is “Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria” for you? A) What is being a witness for Jesus mean to you?

4. Read Matthew 28:18-20 – What additional insights do you glean for what Jesus asked of those committed to following him?

5. What does ‘make disciples [of Jesus]” mean to you, personally?

A) What is your understanding and experience with relational discipleship?

6. What is your response to being a part of One Mission with Jesus and his people?

• Live as disciple/disciple maker?

• Give?

• Engage with church planting in Mexico?

• Serve/Encourage Trip?