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International Discipleship 2022

International Discipleship 2022

The Great Commission

Key Passage: Matthew 28:18-20


I. What did the Disciples hear and understand when Jesus gave them “The Great Commission”?

*All Authority (heaven and earth)_________________________________________


*Make Disciples_____________________________________________________

* Of all nations______________________________________________________

*Baptizing them (in the name of…)_________________________________________

*Teaching them (all that I commanded you) __________________________________

*I am with you always (end of the age) ______________________________________


II. What we hear and understand (at Real Life)

A. Jesus’ message____________________________________________________

B. Jesus’ model______________________________________________________

C. Living it out today – our process (International Discipleship Process) _________________________________________________________________


III. Uganda – an example

The Model we use____________________________________________________

The Fruit we are seeing_________________________________________________


IV. Our International Discipleship Team and Guests

How it works and why, who we are______________________________________________________________


V. An amazing opportunity (Compassion International)

A. Favor from God, because of you_________________________________________

B. Influence and collaborating to live out the Great Commission. _________________________________________________________________

C. Laboring with Compassion International _________________________________________________________________

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