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  • God has given us the concept of seasons to celebrate. They’re reminders of who we are and what He has done for us. They’re a time for rest and to connect with people with a common view of life.
  • Christmas is a season of reflection, remembrances, rest, and connection.
  • In our culture, the enemy seeks to distract us—to turn something God meant for our good into something that depletes us further.
  • Our hope is to point you in a better direction.

Distractions we’ve looked at: trying to create or recreate the perfect moment, and the distraction of materialism.

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  • The problem: we have a desire to be in deep relationship with others—especially with those who are in our family.
  • There’s nothing wrong with this; however, those relationships are not the point of Christmas, but if you get the point right, they are definitely affected.
Luke 2:1–21
  •  They were both from the line of David. Most scholars believe Mary and Joseph would have had family in and around Bethlehem and/or Jerusalem.
  •   This family dysfunction carried on in Jesus family later: Jesus’ brothers did not believe in Jesus.
  •   Many believe that Joseph took Mary to Bethlehem to get her away from their families.
  •   We know they stayed there for at least two years because of the story of the wise men and Herod.