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Delivered – Week 5: God Supplies

Delivered – Week 5: God Supplies

Series review

  • The New Testament is telling us to learn from how God has been working with His people throughout history – 1 Cor 10:1-11 – specifically the Exodus account
  • 1 Cor 10:1“I don’t want you to forget, dear brothers and sisters, about our ancestors in the wilderness long ago….” NLT
  • Actual historical accounts – not fables or myths – Exodus 17:14; Matt 5:17-19

God Provides:

  • As we are on His redemptive journey, one of the lessons along the way, is that HE is our Provider
  • that HE supplies — HE is the source of our life and nourishment, in every way

Why would God provide?

  • 1- HE has heard the cries of HIS people – Ex 3:7-10
  • 2- HE loves His people – Deut 7:7-8
    • HE wants to be in a personal, trusting, intimate love relationship with His creation
    • HE wants to keep a reputation worthy of trust so more will come to Him

Deut 7:7 – 8

Does God really provide?

  • Yes, HE does
  • We’ve already covered these accounts in our messages:

– Plagues used to get their release (Ch. 7-12a)

– Marching out plundering the Egyptians (Ch. 12b-13)

– Red Sea – a way through – enemies defeated (Ch. 14)

– Song of Deliverance (Ch. 15a)

    • Today:

– Heals the bitter water (Ch. 15b)

– Sends bread and meat – manna & quail (Ch. 16)

– Water from the Rock (Ch. 17a)

– Victory over the Amalekites (Ch. 17b)


How does God provide?


1- A Test is involved to see if we’ll TRUST Him personally and not just the stuff/resources

  • Ex 15:25; Ex 16:4

   Why does God test them / test us?

  • see if they would truly follow/trust Him — it is the same for us – will we trust and obey
    • John 15:10; 15:14; 1 John 3:24


2 – It’s a regular activity with Him

  • We have our part; HE does His part – this keeps it relational
    • We gather & work – Ex 16:4; Eph 4:28; Col 3:22-25
    • HE provides – Phil 4:19; Matt 6:33-34; 2 Cor 9:8
  • HE even gives rest – Sabbath — such a huge change from their previous masters – Ex 1:11-14
    • The Sabbath is about our relationship with God and our willingness to trust Him to provide – it’s a gift that reflects His goodness – Gen 2:1-3; Mark 2:27


3 – It’s about what we NEED not always what we WANT

  • Regardless of people’s circumstances, there was always enough – Ex 16:17-18
  • When we complain, we’re complaining against God and His ability and character in providing for us – Ex 16:7-9, 11-2; Phil 2:14
  • His remedy for our complaining is THANKFULNESS – 1 Thess 5:18; Col 3:15


4 – There is always a spiritual dynamic involved that creates tension/conflict

  • Moses’ role on the hill, lifting up his arms, leading to victory – Ex 17:11-13
  • We are to engage in a spiritual way, not just physically – Eph 6:12; 2 Cor 10:3-5


5 – It all points back to Jesus

  • Spiritual water from the Rock – Ex 17:6; 1 Cor 10:4
  • Bread from heaven – Jn 6:32-40



  • Will you surrender your life and follow His lead?  Will you obey?
  • Will you do your part to work and gather?
  • Will you honor Him in your rest?
  • Will you help others see Jesus in the way HE provides for you?



Week 5 –God Supplies

For discussion with your small group, family and friends. 

Passages: Exodus 15-17.

Sermon Reflection – Share what God used to get your attention from the sermon.

Questions to discuss:

  1. Look Exodus 15:1 -21.  What were they celebrating?  If you had been amongst them, what would be all the things you could celebrate and be grateful for?  A) What things in your own life journey can you be grateful for?
  2. Read Exodus 15:22-27.  What is the situation?  What does this show you about God?  About people?  A) How do you relate to what you discovered?
  3. Take a look at Exodus 16 – 17:4. Describe what different situations happen. A)  What is similar between the manna, the quail and the water situation?  What is different?
  4. What is the Lord showing about himself in each of these situations?  A) How is the people’s relationship with the Lord?  B) What are they having to unlearn from their old ways of life?  What are they having to learn with this new way of life?
  5. In what ways do you relate to the Israelites in their journey to follow God?
  6. Read Exodus 17:5-15.  What stands out to you in this passage?  Who is involved?  What do you see about God and people?

Next week: Delivered! God Commands Passages: Exodus 18-24