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Delivered – Week 4: God Leads

Delivered – Week 4: God Leads

God Leads 

Review – A true story with future ramifications

1 Corinthians 10:1–11 (NIV)

The big picture – God wants to rescue us—then and now

  • A forgetful people –Egyptians and Israel—leads to slavery
  • A rescuing God – the showdown between the Lord and the devil –10 plagues
  • The Passover – a just and forgiving God – our choice –the meal, dressed for readiness – future observance of the Passover


God wants to lead us

  • The Desert story—is a story about who God is and How He does things
  • Israel had made a decision—the Passover decision
  • Baptism a picture of the red sea experience – leaving the past


A. Now starts the learning (discipleship) in the desert

B. His leadership daily – cloud and fire

C. To impossible places –the Red Sea

Exodus 13:17–22 (NIV)


God’s way of leading us leads to problems only He can solve and requires faith

  • He knows what is coming so He uses the journey to get us ready
  • He knows what others will do even before they do it
  • He is what is important not the place where we are

Exodus 14:1–4 (NIV)

Exodus 15:23–25 (NIV)


What is required on our discipleship journey?

  • We recognize that though we are saved from the penalty of sin we live in a broken world. We are passing through a desert but not alone
  • Obedience leads us to trials and enemies but our God will lead us and we obey Him
  • We recognize and remember Gods presence –where He leads He is involved and present
  • Faith allows us to see what God sees and have hope
  • We don’t allow fear or anger to taint our view and attitude towards God or others
  • Abiding in Christ means we remember who we are to God – He saved us – Remember who He is and what He is capable of doing – remember who others are to God

Isaiah 40:26–31 (NIV)


A. He created everything –nothing is impossible for Him

B. He knows what we don’t

C. He gives strength to the weary – (not necessarily escape from the problem)

D. Trust and obey


For discussion with your small group, family and friends.

Passages: Exodus 13-15:22

Sermon Reflection – From the sermon, what is something you are thinking about or acting on?

Questions to discuss:

1. Look Exodus 13:1-10 OR 13:11-16. Consecrate means to set apart. It was an act of remembering who God is, what he has done and aligning one’s life to Him. How do you ‘intentionally’ set apart you’re _________ for the Lord?

(Fill in the blank with a few: day, plans, family, future, work, finances, children, marriage, singleness, time, energy)

2. What are ways you remember and commemorate what God has done in your life? A) How could that encourage others to ask questions about why you do what you do? B) How does remembering impact following God’s lead?

3. Read Exodus 13:20-14:4, 14:10-18. What is happening in this scene? How would you feel if you were there? (It is such a good story you might want to finish chapter 14!)

4. What situation in your life do you feel like you are caught between an army and a sea? A) Letting the Lord fight for them took both steps of trust & stillness and faith & obedience. What does letting God lead you where you are today look like for you?

5. Look at Exodus 14:29-31. This can be seen as a foreshadow of baptism. What has been your experience with baptism?

6. Read Exodus 3:13-14 & Exodus 15:1-3. Describe how Moses and the Israelites understanding of who God is has changed. A) In what ways would you describe your understanding of who God is? B) How does that understanding affect you seeking God’s leadership?

Bonus: Try writing Exodus 15:1-3 in your own words.

Next week: Delivered! God Supplies Passages: Exodus 15:23-17.

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