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Controversial: Week 5

Controversial: Week 5

There are all different kinds of views on economic inequality, and how to close the gap from the rich and the poor. There are all different kinds of views on why poverty exists, and there are all kinds of views on what actually constitutes as someone who is poor or even needy.

Capitalism vs. Socialism

In America, we have 2 main systems that are set up to distribute wealth in our country and in turn addressing the poor and the needy within our society…Capitalism and socialism

  • Capitalism puts the responsibility on the individual to be an entrepreneur, and self-starter. To have the capability to make money by working hard and operating within a supply and demand, free market economy.
  • Socialism put the responsibility on the government to distribute as they see necessary the supplies, goods and resources to the people within the system.

Both systems have pros and both systems have cons.

Pros and cons


• Pro: Capitalism produces personal responsibility and entrepreneurship Socialism values equality

 • Con: Capitalism can foster greed and values competition over compassion Socialism can foster dependency, entitlement and laziness


• Pro: Socialism values equality

• Con: Socialism can foster dependency, entitlement and laziness


The conversation should not be Red vs. Blue, Republicans vs Democrats, Conservative vs. Liberal, or Capitalism vs Socialism…the conversation needs to be biblical worldview vs secular worldview, godly perspective vs worldly perspective… In a free society, government reflects the soul of its people. If people want change at the top, they will have to live in different ways. Our major social problems are not the cause of our decadence (Moral or cultural decline). They are a reflection of it. – Cal Thomas

Instead of hoping that the system will take care of poor/needy people, we as Christians need to look at scripture and what it says and live our lives accordingly. Let’s take a look at some biblical principles when it comes to taking care of people in need:

As followers/disciples of Jesus…

1) We value others

-All made in the image of God with infinite value and worth Imago Dei

Genesis 1:27 (NIV)

-Equality (value) – We value other people because scripture tells us that we are all equal in value

Galatians 3:26-29 (NIV)

2) We love others

If we value others then, in turn, we will begin to see others how God does and we can then begin to love them.

Philippians 2:3 (NIV)

We have already talked about how we are all equal in value, but what if we actually treated people as if they were more valuable than us? How would that change how we treated people?

-To love does not mean we always give people what they want, but what they need

-People over possessions

Acts 2 – Sold, gave to those in need

-Generosity -If I am going to make a mistake and lean too far in one direction it should be to be too generous…not too stingy

3) We work hard 2 Thessalonians 3:10 (NLT) 1 Timothy 5:18 (NIV) Acts 20:34-35 (NLT)

Have you positioned your life to where you can respond to God when He calls you to give?

Generosity fund-Do you have a generosity fund in your budget that you put a certain percentage to each paycheck that you are able to pull from to meet the needs of people around you.

Conclusion-Some people may be physically rich, but spiritually bankrupt…what do we do with that?

Ephesians 6-Armor of God

Practical application this week:

Read each morning Ephesians 6:10-20 and pray on the armor of God.

“God, right now I put on the belt of truth. I pray that I will know what truth is according to your word and I pray that I will live in the truth. If I am tempted to lie, manipulate truth or withhold information I shouldn’t, I pray that I would not give in.

God, I put on the breastplate of righteousness. I pray that you would remind me that because of what Jesus did for me on the cross, I have been made righteous. I pray that I would live my life according to the righteous standard you have laid out.

God, I pray that wherever I go today I would be a living, breathing, example of the gospel of Jesus. Whether in word or in action, I pray that people would see Jesus in me. Please give me the opportunity today to talk to someone about you. I pray that whatever I do, I would represent you.

God, I take up the shield of faith. I pray that you would increase my faith in you today as you walk with me in all of my life’s circumstances. Please help me to trust you and know that you are in control. I pray that my faith in you would not waver, but would grow as the trials of life get harder, and circumstances become more challenging.

God, I put on the helmet of salvation. Thank you for saving me from my sin, from death, and from hell. Thank you, Jesus, that you died for me and gave me a new life. Please protect my thinking today. I pray that I would not conform to the patterns of this world, but that I would be transformed by the renewing of my mind.

God, I take with me today the sword of the Spirit…Your word. God, your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. I pray that I would hide your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. I cannot live off of bread alone but by every word that proceeds from your mouth so today, God I pray that you would fill my mind with your words to lead, guide and direct every step I take.

I pray all of this in Jesus’ name. Amen!”

For discussion with your small group, family and friends.
Questions to discuss: (Passages: Deuteronomy 24:17-22; James 1:22-27)

  1. What was insightful or challenging to you from the sermon?
  2. Read Deuteronomy 24:17-22. What are principles from this passage that help you consider God’s way of caring for thevulnerable and those in need in our community?
  3. What biblical principles help you steward what God has entrusted to you?
  4. What helps you see and consider others’ needs? A) In what ways have you considered how to be a part of creating opportunitiesand distributing God’s resources to others?
  5. What principles does James 1:22-27 call us to in our thinking and engagement?
  6. Try praying this prayer throughout this week: God Almighty, Creator and Lord of all the world, give me eyes to see the world the way you do, just as Elisha saw your presence through your chariots. Help me to see my world your way. By your help I will be a steward of the resources you have given me. Standing firm in the hard places. With your truth at the core of my perspective, with righteousness guarding my heart and desires, with your salvation and ways filtering what I think. I choose faith in you as a shield against what is coming at me

that could cause anger, harm, anxiety, fear. I will bring peace of understanding your good story and ways where I go. Your word, your

way will be how I fight the right fights. Help me, Spirit of God, to walk your way in the places you have placed me in.