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How To Identify And Win Back The Prodigals In Your Life

How To Identify And Win Back The Prodigals In Your Life

In the podcast below my dad and I talk about our latest book, Hope for the Prodigal. It is a subject that is very close to the heart of my family as we have lived out the story of the Prodigal son for 3 generations now. It is also an important topic in a time when fewer young people than ever are reaching adulthood staying connected to God. I encourage you to listen and comment – JP Often when we use the word prodigal we think about that kid who went out and did things that were obviously rebellious, and that is the kind of prodigal I was in my own life. But not all prodigals look the same, and you can’t always tell the heart of a person by watching their outward actions.Click To Tweet The truth is- most people have been or will be a prodigal at some point. And almost all of us have relationships or connections with someone who is not living near to or in relationship with God. So we need to ask, what is the message of Jesus to them? What is God’s pattern of dealing with prodigal’s that draws them back to God, church, and home? Listen to the podcast below to hear our thoughts –

Bringing Your Prodigal Home – Faith Radio

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