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Creating A Culture Of Accountability As A Disciple Episode 9

Creating A Culture Of Accountability As A Disciple Episode 9

Jim Putman and Lance Wigton sit down to discuss how we can create a culture of accountability to set up guard rails in our lives as disciples of Jesus.

You will create the culture you model – YOU will set the depth of transparency.

A natural result of living in a sinful world is the desire to cover oneself. We want to hide our real self from others because we are afraid of rejection or condemnation. We prefer surface relationships because we feel safer that way.

However, if we are to have the kind of relationships God has created us for we will not be shallow. We will have the kind of relationship with others that allows us to know and to really be known.

When you walk in the light you take the dark thoughts, these lies that Satan plants in our mind and he causes to fester – you will take those out of the darkness and bring them into the light – light is the best disinfectant. (1 John 1:7)

We can get so clouded in our own understanding, if we don’t have relationship with people that know us and can catch us while we are just one degree off, we run the risk of going completely off the rails.

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