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Real-Life Discipleship Training Manual

This companion training manual to Real-Life Discipleship provides unique guidance and insight to pastors, church leaders, and their disciples as they work to create an effective discipleship program. With a thorough, results-oriented process that can be applied in other contexts and cultures, this manual explains the necessary components of disciple-making so that every church member […]

The Battle for the Mind Week 1 with Jim P

The Battle for the Mind: Week 1

Our Church focuses on disciple making Our hope is to help people become mature in Christ Mental health emphasis is a relational emphasis Maturity is to follow Jesus (head) it is being changed by Jesus (heart) and being committed to the mission of Jesus (hands) In relationship, we become mature –our real relationships reveal we […]

He Shall Be Called Week 2 with Patrick

He Shall Be Called-Mighty God: Week 2

Mighty God Purpose of the series: We are looking at this specific prophecy pointing towards Jesus Christ. Specifically, we are exploring the titles given to Jesus through this passage. Isaiah 9:6 (ESV) For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name […]

He Shall Be Called Week 2 with Blake

He Shall Be Called-Mighty God: Week 2

MIGHTY GOD   JESUS IS THE WONDERFUL COUNSELOR Have you experienced His wonder and truth? Jesus is Mighty Jesus is God Jesus is Mighty God   Mighty (adj.) – possessing great and impressive power or strength, especially on account of size. Psalm 147:4-5 (NLT) – He determines the number of the stars and calls them […]

He Shall Be Called Week 2 with Jim and Bill

He Shall Be Called-Mighty God: Week 2

Mighty God This week – He is Mighty God (A Warrior God) • Our way of wanting Him to be mighty is different than His way of doing it Bill –Question 1: What does the Lord’s kind of Mighty look like? (scripture reveals our God in the scriptural story) A. God partners with humans to do […]

He Shall Be Called Week 1 with Christian

He Shall Be Called-Wonderful Counselor: Week 1

Questions:  What stood out to you or challenged you from this weeks message?  What did you learn about God as wonderful counselor?  Read Isaiah 9:6. What goes through your mind from this passage?  What are ways that God counsels His people today? How do we see the Father when looking at Jesus?  Read James 1:5-6. […]

Controversial Week 4

Critical Race Theory and Racism Why are we talking about Racism and CRT? • Help our kids get ready for the world – Create unity within the body of Christ -To act wisely with unbelievers • What is a race? (new changes made recently to definition) A group of people identified as distinct from other […]

hardwired for relationship

We Are Created For Relationship – With God And Others

God has created all of us to connect, to create deep and lasting relationship. Science only discovers what God has already revealed in the Scriptures about His creation and its design. In 2003 the Commission on Children at Risk published a study called Hardwired to Connect: The New Scientific Case for Authoritative Communities. The commission, […]

life hacks

Life Hacks: Week 3

HAVE YOU EVER SAID SOMETHING THAT YOU WISH YOU COULD IMMEDIATELY TAKE BACK? Examples of how powerful words are: Will you marry me? You are beautiful. You are worthless. You are guilty. You are innocent. I love you. PEOPLE WHO HAVE WISDOM USE THEIR WORDS IN WAYS THAT GLORIFY GOD. YOU CANNOT HAVE GODLY WISDOM […]

life hacks

Life Hacks: Week 4

Purity: the condition or quality of being pure; freedom from anything that debases, contaminates, pollutes. Walking in purity means choosing to love and obey God more than anything or anyone else and expressing that love and obedience by wholeheartedly devoting your life to God. • Walking in purity is the expression of our spiritual character. […]

myth busters

Myth Busters: Week 1

SERIES INTRODUCTION   MythBusters, the show, takes a claim that might be popular in society (whether it’s from the internet, a TV show, or movie) and seeks to find out if the idea is true or not.   In the same way, we will be looking at some of the common ideas that people have […]

myth busters

Myth Busters: Week 2

THIS WEEK’S MYTH: “I CAN BE OK WITH GOD WITHOUT THE CHURCH.” IS THIS TRUE? We often hear: I am closer to God in the mountains. People are too hard, so it’s just me and God. A few of us will just meet in our living room because we don’t agree with the church. I […]

myth busters

Myth Busters: Week 2

THIS WEEK’S MYTH: “I CAN BE OK WITHOUT THE CHURCH.” IS THIS TRUE?    So many want a church they like, and others say, “There is no church I like.”   What does God’s Word say?   Jesus made disciples and then sent them out to make disciples—to build the church. (Matthew 28:19-20)   The […]

the right fight

The Right Fight: Week 2

JUDGING—SHOULD WE JUDGE PEOPLE OR NOT? Judge: form an opinion or conclusion about Judgmental: having or displaying an excessively critical point of view1   Matthew 7:1-5 1Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will […]

the glorious exchange

The Glorious Exchange: Week 1

QUESTIONS TO DISCUSS IN LIFE GROUPS OR WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS Passages to consider: John 13:1-17; Luke 22:24-27; Philippians 2:5-8 The sermon had a different rhythm this week. What from God’s word or from the insights shared was significant to you? Look at John 13:1-17 and Luke 22:24-27. What do you see in these […]