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You Asked For It: Week 1 – What Do We Do When We Have Questions?

You Asked For It – Week One                                                                                                                                   Sam Meredith REVIEW Last series – book of Jude // The Faith, once for all handed down // Doubting is normal Evidences for Christianity and celebrating Resurrection Sunday   Series Overview: You sent in questions, we’re responding We had a lot of questions come in – we’re not […]

Jude Week 3 with Chris S

Jude: Week 3

Review: Jude – the half-brother of Jesus is the writer, but humbly calls himself “a servant (or slave) of Jesus Christ” We know Jude was a skeptic prior to the resurrection, but after became a believer and leader in the early church. Jude was later crucified around 70 AD The audience he is writing to […]

Jude Week 2 with Gabe C

Jude: Week 2

Jude: Rejection of Authority and Its Results (week 2) Romans 1:18-25 (NIV) The historical Christian faith is under attack, and it is up to the church to stand up and contend for the faith. Jude 1:3-4 (NLT) The book of Jude is so perfectly placed in the collection of books in the new testament because […]

Jude Week 2 with Jim P

Jude: Week 2

Review—Big picture – warning – for the church and those who are false teachers 2 Peter language False teachers are coming –were there already How to know a false teacher – “the faith”: once for all entrusted –delivered –see Vs 17 What is included in “the faith” –the Gospel, Doctrine, Righteousness, Life style Remember Paul […]

Jude Week 1 with Jim P

Jude: Week 1

Questions and Answers about Jude Intro–Who is Jude? • The brother of James (the less) and half-brother of Jesus – son of Mary and Joseph He was not a believer –John 7—mocking Jesus Mentioned as believer after the resurrection Acts 1:14 Crucified in Edessa in AD 72 Jude is writing after most of New Testament […]


This time of year, many of us make promises to ourselves to be healthier physically. But what about our mental health? We are kicking off 2023 with a five-part series entitled Master Mind. We’ll be taking on topics like finding well-rounded relationships, finding rest, building resilience, and how to maintain a healthy mind set. We […]

Young Adults Boundaries Series with Bryce R

Boundaries: Young Adults

This Young Adult Podcast goes through how you can implement boundaries throughout your life (ie. dating, family, friends, work, home, etc.) to create healthier relationships between you and others. Listen as Bryce Reed, Real Life Ministries Young Adult Ministry Lead, shares from His own life story the damage that comes from a lack of boundaries […]

The Grief Dilemma

The Grief Dilemma – Jim Putman

Right Now Media and Real Life Ministries present The Grief Dilemma – a 5 session series on Grief and the effect it has on us and the world around us, featuring Pastor Jim Putman.  Grief is a result of a fallen world. Our hope in Jesus gives us a different response to the grief we […]

The Disciples Journey

Our Story ABOUT THE DISCIPLE’S JOURNEY The Disciple’s Journey Workbook is a twelve week study that will help guide you, individually or with a group, along the road to becoming, growing, and living out your lives as disciples of Jesus. Using the lens of Ephesians, you will be able to gain insights, tools and practical […]

Thanks for Subscribing!

Thank you for subscribing to our updates! Please let us know if there is something specific you are looking for, or if you have ideas for a resource we should add to our library. Contact us by emailing:  [email protected]  Here are some resources you might be interested in right now:   ​ Holy Sexuality Conference […]

Real For Life

What’s It Like To Be In Relationship With Me? Part 4

In this last podcast of the series, Lance once agains sits down with Beth Koep to talk about emotional intelligence and the importance it plays in relationships. They will be talking about what it looks like when our bodies are responding to and reflecting our emotions. They also cover the following topics: What happens when […]

Experiencing God Week 7 with Jim B

Experiencing God: Week 7

Obey and Experience Reality 7: Obey and Experience God 1. We experience God through obedience. Obedience is an outward expression of your love for God. John 14:15 (NIV) “If you love me, keep my commands. John 14:23 (NIV) Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come […]

The Battle for the Mind Week 1 with Jim P

The Battle for the Mind: Week 1

Our Church focuses on disciple making Our hope is to help people become mature in Christ Mental health emphasis is a relational emphasis Maturity is to follow Jesus (head) it is being changed by Jesus (heart) and being committed to the mission of Jesus (hands) In relationship, we become mature –our real relationships reveal we […]

Worth Week 1 with Jim B

Worth: Week 1

Can you think of something quite worthy to you? It may be intrinsic – my wedding ring – it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks it’s worth. It is priceless to me! You may have something of great worth to you because of the experiences you’ve had with something. Example – my fly rod Whatever […]

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