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You Asked For It: Week 5 – How Do I Fight Against Doubt?

Biblical faith is to trust, not just believe in, the existence of God ● Why is faith necessary – we are dealing with an infinite God – Romans 4:1–3 (NIV) Hebrews 11:6 (NIV) — 6 And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists […]

You Asked For It: Week 3 – How Does A Good God Allow Bad Things?

THE WORLD – We can all see the brokenness. – The enemy would love nothing more than to put God on trial. – We have a good God. – Genesis. – Romans 5:12, Romans 8:19-23. – Sin is serious. – If God is so good, why won’t He wipe out all evil? – We have […]

What Does The Bible Say About Interacting With The LGBTQ+ Community? Podcast

Jim Putman – Senior Pastor at Real Life Ministries, and Lance Wigton, Communications Director at Real Life Ministries, come together in this episode to talk about the LGBTQ+ Community, and how Jesus would interacted with them.   You can listen to the audio version of this episode below: To watch the video version click the […]

You Asked For It: Week 1 – What Do We Do When We Have Questions?

WEEK 1: ANY QUESTIONS? – what do we do when we have questions about truth and application? HEAD – understanding, comprehension, fathom HEART – belief, conviction, passion, motivation HANDS – application, practice, exhibition, expression, obedience HEAD: 1. The truth is in the TEXT – God’s Word – the Bible Deuteronomy 29:29 (ESV) – 29“The secret […]

Upgrades Week 3 with Jim P

Upgrades: Week 3

Review This is for everyone –singles and married Discipleship in the 5 spheres Focusing on home sphere Dealing with the four issues that cause the most trouble Communication – finances –intimacy –parenting A. Relationship with God – and one another –a helpmate 3 Cs— A creator A couple A Covenant Partnership with a purpose Genesis […]

Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast: Season 2 Episode 2 – Lead Like A Shepherd

This month on the Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast, our host Chris Short sits down with Fred Bosse’ (Groups Team Leader – Post Falls Campus) and Christian Putman (Groups Pastor – CDA Campus) to talk about how often, and why, the Bible refers to leaders as shepherds, and what does that mean to us today? […]

Mastermind Week 4 with Jim P

Mastermind: Week 4

Review/Remember:  We all struggle in many ways — The issue of mental health –we have it or know someone who does The 5 R’s—Relationship- Rest—Remembering – Resilience –Restoration Every situation is nuanced so we need all 5 De-stigmatizing – Pro-active and reactive Creating a safe culture as a church – We recognize that there are […]

Mastermind Week 3 with Blake W

Mastermind: Week 3

REVIEW: Mark 12:30 (NIV) – Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. Physical health requires time, attention and effort to obtain and maintain; mental health is no different This is a giant topic with tremendous nuance. Let’s discuss […]

What Does The Bible Say About….? Podcast With Jim Putman

Episode 21: Connect the Unconnected Jim Putman and Lance Wigton are back again to talk about the 3rd core value in our list of the essential beliefs and practices of a disciple maker. They start this conversation out with an analogy – In the world of guitars, a single string by itself is powerless and […]