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The Commitment: Impress upon your Children – Overtime Podcast

In this episode of the Real Life Ministries Overtime Podcast, our host Jim Putman is joined by Bill Krause, Jim Blazin and Christian Putman. These Campus Pastors share their thoughts about raising Godly children, and impressing God’s Word and values into their lives. This is the Real Life Overtime podcast, the place where Jim Putman […]

Suffering: An Unhurried Life – Overtime Podcast

This week Jim Putman welcomes Gabe Cleave and Christian Putman to the podcast – In this weekend’s installment of the Unhurried series, the discussion revolved around embracing an unhurried life, exploring the profound aspects of suffering and its connection to slowing down. Some of the topics they cover are: What are the reasons for suffering? […]

Update on Uganda Trip 2024: Podcast with Jim Putman

Jim shares about his recent visit to Uganda and the amazing things God is doing there. The Real Life Ministries International Discipleship Team has been working there for the past few years, walking some of the believers through Jesus’ message and method of relational discipleship. It has had a transformational effect on their lives and […]

The Overtime Podcast

Podcasts Strength & Dignity: Week Two – The Story of Hannah Are we truly willing to surrender everything to God, even at great personal cost? Hannah’s story, marked by profound anguish over her longing for a child, prompts us to examine the posture with which we approach the Lord: do we come with open hands, […]

What Does The Bible Say About Reaching The Lost? Podcast with Jim Putman

On this episode of the podcast, Lance Wigton and Jim Putman delve into the second of the 7 Essentials – Reaching the Lost. Real Life Ministries was founded on these foundational pillars, which we continue to uphold today. These essential values serve as guardrails that keep us on track, both as a church body and […]

What Does The Bible Say About Temptation? Podcast with Jim Putman

In this final episode of our answering your questions about prayer series, Lance Wigton and Jim Putman are discussing a tough topic. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus tells us to pray “Lead us not into temptation”. What does that mean? Does God really lead us into tempting situations? Why would he do that if he […]

What Does The Bible Say About Praying In Tongues? Podcast with Jim Putman

Lance and Jim are back to answer some more questions about prayer. In this episode they address the topics of praying in tongues and praying for the dead. When it comes to the topic of prayer, there is often division among believers. Charismatic issues have even been known to be the cause of many church […]

What Does The Bible Say About Prayer and God’s Will? Podcast with Jim Putman

The question of whether or not prayer is necessary has long been a topic of debate among religious scholars and believers. Why should we bother to pray if God’s will is going to happen regardless? This age-old question delves into the complex and nuanced nature of our relationship with God. It explores the concepts of […]

Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Season 2 Ep. 9 Worship as Discipleship: Part 2

We’re excited to present part two of our Worship as Discipleship Podcast. Our host, Chris Short, Executive Pastor at Real Life Ministries, is joined once again by Aaron Short, Worship Pastor at the Post Falls Campus and Jeremy Ellis, Worship Arts Development Pastor. In this episode, they delve into the topic of worship environments and […]

What Does The Bible Say About Satan’s Power? Podcast with Jim Putman

In this episode, Jim Putman and Lance Wigton delve into the subject of Satan and his influence in the world. They explore whether he can manipulate individuals, including Christians, as well as how this relates to the power of the Holy Spirit. It is important to acknowledge the reality of demonic forces, as people often […]

Real Life Groups Leadership Podcast Season 2 Ep. 8 Worship as Discipleship: Part 1

In this episode of the podcast, our host Chris Short – Real Life Ministries Executive Pastor, speaks with our guests about the role worship plays in discipleship. Today’s guests are: Jeremy Ellis – Worship Arts Development Pastor at the Post Falls Campus Aaron Short – Worship Leader at the Post Falls Campus   Some of […]