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Contagious – Week 5: The Gospel

REVIEW There is objective truth. There is evidence—obvious natural evidence and historical evidence. What we have in the Bible is true and is God’s Word.THIS WEEK: THE GOSPEL Warnings about allowing the gospel to be distorted are found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The gospel is the good news.Galatians 1:6–8 6I […]


Resurrected: Week 3

Resurrected implies something is dead The gospel is the story of good news – juxtaposed to bad news It was good Our choice – we get to make one Not good –death –what kind of death The choice God made 1. He had heaven already –He wanted heaven with us 2. He chose to allow […]

Why Do I Believe In Jesus? Can I Defend My Faith? (Free Download)

Are your children armed with the evidence they need to stand up and share why they believe in Jesus in a world that doesn’t believe He exists? Do you believe your children are equipped to share why they believe in Jesus? The statistics are alarming – between 70% and 85% of the children that are […]

Jim Putman's Favorite Discipleship Book

Jim Putman’s Favorite Books for Discipleship

(scroll down to download) Jim Putman has put together some of his favorite discipleship books to use as a resource for both personal growth as a disciple, and with the person you are discipling. We want to be disciple makers who are ready to give an answer, defend the faith, and teach our disciples the […]

A Case for the Resurrection: Jim Putman

Jim Putman, Senior Pastor of Real Life Ministries, leads us through his process of investigation of different belief systems and religions that led him through his journey from atheism to belief in Jesus. He leads us through the evidence that he came to discover that countered the three most common attacks against the New Testament. He also walks us through his search into different religions and why he finally came to believe and accept Christianity.

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