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Why Do I Believe In Jesus? Can I Defend My Faith? (Free Download)

Why Do I Believe In Jesus? Can I Defend My Faith? (Free Download)

Are your children armed with the evidence they need to stand up and share why they believe in Jesus in a world that doesn’t believe He exists?

Do you believe your children are equipped to share why they believe in Jesus? The statistics are alarming – between 70% and 85% of the children that are brought up in the church leave it once they get to college – most never to return. The best people to disciple these children are their parents – the problem is the parents are not aware of the arguments that the kids are going to face – and they haven’t equipped them to have intelligent answers. Our kids are being submerged into a Post Christian world full of skeptics they are not prepared to answer.

In this booklet I have put together some resources that you can utilize with your children. My hope is that this will give them some tools and enable them to defend or explain their belief about God to those around them in their world, and maybe even make their own faith grow deeper.

This 18 page booklet contains information and links to Christian evidence resources for ages pre-school through college and young adults.


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